Top Restaurants in Benoni

Top Restaurants in Benoni

Nice Restaurants in Benoni

This article introduces tourists and travelers to some of the best restaurants in Benoni. The town of Benoni is located in the Gauteng province of South Africa. This is a beautiful own and has amazing scenery, and the vibe there is very relaxing too.



Cielo Restaurant with Middle Lake View

Cielo Restaurant is A Great Location to Dine And Listen to Music - Top Restaurants in Benoni

Perhaps one of the most beautiful restaurants in Benoni is the Cielo Restaurant. This place has an amazing beach view and the most amazing beachfront setting in town. There are multiple parties and events at times here, making it a great location to dine and listen to music. Also, since the price is high, equivalently you get better service and more quality fine dining experience here.


Mozambik Benoni near Sandpan Lake

Mozambik in Rynfield Area Near The Sandpan Lake - South Africa Travel Tips

Mozambik Benoni is very close to Night Owl Restaurant in the Rynfield area near Sandpan Lake. The open eating hall of this place, with its wooden tables and friendly staff, makes it a must-go location. The best dishes to order here are prawns and grilled chicken. Since the area in which this restaurant is located is vast, there are multiple playgrounds for children to enjoy games there too. The prices here are very good and budget-friendly, and you will come back since the food feels homemade.


Piatto Farrarmere in THE Square at Farrarmere Shopping Mall

Top Restaurants in Benoni - Piatto Farrarmere is Located in The Square at Farrarmere

Located in the Square at Farrarmere, Piatto is a franchise restaurant in Benoni that also operates in multiple locations across South Africa. The store began its operation and slowly managed to spread across the country. The food selection is massive here, and you can get steaks, sushi, salads, and everything in between. The prices are very reasonable, and the place is very welcoming and super clean.


Ocean Basket Oakfields at Oakfields Shopping Centre

Ocean Basket Oakfields is Located in Oakfields Shopping Centre - Top Restaurants in Benoni

Ocean Basket Oakfields is one of the top Mediterranean-style restaurants in Benoni. Located in Oakfields Shopping Centre, this is the place for very healthy food choices. Also, they offer Mediterranean and seafood dishes at very good prices. They have some of the best fish, calamari, and prawns here. Moreover, they are generous in everything they do, from abundant portions of food to complimentary homemade bread rolls and delicious sauces, including their famous creamy lemon sauce.



Lemongrass Restaurant in Western Extension Area

Lemongrass Restaurant Offers Great Indonesian Cuisine With Dutch Influence - Top Restaurants in Benoni

Lemongrass Restaurant is one of the most relaxing restaurants in Benoni, offering great Indonesian cuisine with Dutch influence. In fact, even in the Netherlands, Indonesian cuisine is found in every home, and you can see that in South Africa as well because of its colonial past. You can find Lemongrass Restaurant in the Western Extension area with tasty dishes and a nice selection of wines.


The Night Owl at Rynfield AH

South Africa Travel Tips - The Night Owl is Located Near the Boat Lake Village

The Night Owl is in the Rynfield neighborhood near Boat Lake Village. This restaurant is part of a complex that also includes a carwash and as well as a sports bar. This is a fantastic place to hang out for light meals, breakfast, and tasty burgers and curry meals. The place is very good for those who are on a budget, and all their meals are very cheap. As for the sports bar nearby, they have pool tables, tv screens, free WIFI, and cheap drinks.


Fahrenheit Seafood & Grill in Farrarmere

Top Restaurants in Benoni - Fahrenheit Seafood & Grill is Located in Farrarmere Area

Fahrenheit Seafood & Grill is a family of restaurants in Benoni, Alberton, and Edenvale town that specialize in making great quality steaks and seafood. The Benoni branch is located in the Farrarmere area and is suitable for all family members. There is a dedicated playground for the kids to have fun here. Besides having an amazing restaurant, they have a fully operational bar where you can also have amazing cocktails.

The grills, steaks, cuts, steak rolls, and seafood are good for those who like to eat quality meat-based dishes. However, if you are a vegetarian, you can also enjoy eating here as they have a good menu just with vegetarian options.

If you are traveling to other towns & cities in South Africa, make sure to check out Bloemfontein. This is the place for those seeking calmness, and restaurants in Bloemfontein are offering top-quality local and international cuisine too.

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