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Top Restaurants in Bloemfontein



Top Restaurants in Bloemfontein

Good Restaurants in Bloemfontein

This article introduces tourists to some of the top restaurants in Bloemfontein. The city of Bloemfontein is one of the 3 capitals of South Africa and other than great eateries, it offers historical buildings as well as very beautiful parks namely, Naval Hill and Kings Park.


Bella Casa an Italian Restaurant in Westdene

Top Restaurants in Bloemfontein - Bella Casa is in The Middle of Westdene Suburb

Bella Casa is one of best Italian restaurants in Bloemfontein which you can find in the middle of Westdene suburb. What makes this restaurant a great place to be is their delicious Italian cuisine, Italian wines and superb ambiance. The staff here are friendly and they will get your order just right. The prices here are just right and with less than $10 you can order a tasty pizza and by adding few bucks have a glass of wine on the side. The only downside here is their portion. Hence, if you want to get really full, order a bowl of pasta on the side if you are going there as a group.


Four Four Food in Westdene

Four Four Food is Located in Willows Suburb - South Africa Travel Tips

Head to Willows suburb, just near Central University of Technology for some comfort food like spicy wings, fries and unique ice cream shakes. This is the place to grab some budget food and caters mostly to a younger crowd. The service is good and the food comes to you really fast. Other than wings, thy offer other barbeque stile meats like ribs, sausages and pork chops.


Braza close to Kings Park Rose Garden

Top Restaurants in Bloemfontein - Braza Offers Quirky Interior Design And is Located Near Loch Logan Lake

Braza is the most happening restaurants in Bloemfontein. This is the place if you need to go to to enjoy quirky interior design and some great flavorful food cooked with top ingredients and great passion. The main hall here is huge and there are lot of places for you to seat and with the available tv screens watch some sporting matches. Their pricing is very reasonable and the have a nice selection of both local and wine brands. The location of Braza is in the Willows suburb near the Loch Logan lake and Kings Park Rose Garden.


Zaika Restaurant in Dan Pienaar Area

Zaika Resturant is Located in Dan Pienaar Neighborhood - South Africa Travel Tips

Zaika Resturant is one of handful of Indian restaurants in Bloemfontein. The place is humble, located in Dan Pienaar, with some food lamb curry and other local Indian fused dishes. This is the place mostly for take-outs, however, there are still a few seats if you prefer the dine-in experience. Other than their reasonable prices on food, the portions are big enough for two making it a suitable place for travelers on budget.


Avanti Restaurant in Woodlands Hills Village

Avanti Restaurant Can Be Found in Woodlands Hills Village Area - Top Restaurants in Bloemfontein

Avanti Restaurant is for those seeking unique dishes and some very interesting desserts. They are currently located in Woodlands Hills Village area and you can distinguish them by their white and beautifully designed building. The prices here are slightly more expensive, however, the food quality justifies the extra cost. Other than creative dishes here, they craft exquisite cocktails which are refreshing during warmer seasons.


The Blue Gem – Restaurant located in Pienaar Suburb

Top Restaurants in Bloemfontein - The Blue Gem - Restaurant is Located in Pienaar suburb

The Blue Gem is one of those restaurants in Bloemfontein that you go if you want to spoil yourself. This eatery, located in Pienaar suburb, offers more like a fine dining experience with amazing plating and table etiquettes. As a result, the price of the food is much higher than the aforementioned restaurants. Also, there is a dedicated bar here which makes some of the most unique cocktails in town. Make sure to really try out Blue Gem if you want to get fresh seafood and flavorful cuts of mat. It is good to know that, on the weekends, they offer a buffet experience with great food options.

It is worth mentioning another city in South Africa, Cape Town This city is famous for its natural landscapes as well as some of the top bars in Cape Town you can enjoy drinking and having wonderful time in there.

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