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7 Most Stunning Places in Japan



7 Most Stunning Places in Japan

7 Most Stunning Places in Japan

There are many places to visit in Japan like historic castles as well as fantastic floral displays. Here are some of the most beautiful places in Japan. In fact, Japan has many places that brings tourists over. They include naturally beautiful places as well as historical ones.


1. Shikoku Island

7 Most Stunning Places in Japan - Shikoku Island Has Many Holy Temples

Shikoku is Japan’s 4th largest island. Also, it is one must places to visit in Japan. It’s located southwest of the main island of Honshu. Also, this island is one of the country’s most important pilgrimages. Other than its holy temples, the island has some unique coastlines, mountain ranges as well as wild rivers.


2. Kenrokuen Garden

7 Most Stunning Places in Japan - Kenrokuen Garden is Filled With Amazing Bridges

Kenrokuen Garden is one of the most beautiful places in Japan. Also, it is filled with amazing bridges, walking trails as well as teahouses. Each season shows a different side of the garden’s beauty. you can see plum and cherry blossoms in the Spring time and maple tree leaves in the Fall.


3. Nachi Falls

Places to Visit in Japan - Nachi Falls is Built in Honour of The Waterfall’s Kami

Nachi Falls is the tallest waterfall in Japan, tumbling down 133 metres (436 feet) into a rushing river below. The waterfall is overlooked by the gorgeous Nachi Taisha Shinto shrine, which is said to be more than 1,400 years old. Built in honour of the waterfall’s kami (spirit god), the shrine is one of several Buddhist and Shinto religious sites found around the waterfall. Moreover, Nachi Falls is one of places to visit in Japan for nature lovers.


4. Matsumoto Castle

Places to Visit in Japan - Matsumoto Castle is Also Famous As Karasu-jō

Matsumoto Castle is one of only a handful of original castles and remaining places in Japan. Initially built in 1504, it was expanded to its current form in the late 16th and early 17th centuries. Nicknamed Karasu-jō (Crow Castle), it’s known for its beautiful black-and-white three-turreted main keep.


5. Nishinomaru Garden

Places to Visit in Japan - Nishinomaru Garden Offers Spectacular Views of Osaka Castletower

Nishinomaru Garden is a gorgeous lawn garden that offers spectacular views of Osaka Castletower and the stone wall of its moat. The garden is covered with more than 600 cherry trees and more 95 different types of apricot flowers. It’s a popular spot for cherry blossom viewings in the spring, with night-time illuminations held during the peak blooming periods.


6. Hitachi Seaside Park

Asia Travel Tips - Hitachi Seaside Park is All About The Fields of Blue Flowers

Hitachi Seaside Park is one of places in Japan famous for its fields of blue flowers that bloom in the spring. The park encompasses 190 hectares (470 acres), and more than 4.5 million blossoms blanket its fields every April. During the autumn, the park’s rounded shrubs called kochia (bassia in English) turn a bright crimson color, creating an almost equally mesmerizing sight.


7. Sagano Bamboo Forest

Asia Travel Tips - Sagano Bamboo Forest is Located in The Western Side of Kyoto

The Sagano Bamboo Forest is truly one of places to visit in japan if you like to walk through nature. It is located in Arashiyama, the western side of Kyoto. The bamboo forest is really famous for its beauty as well as for the sounds it makes because of the wind.

Journey to Japan comes with many great memories that are not easy to come by in another location around the world. therefore, make sure to, if you have the resources, explore all parts of the country and try new foods as you move along this place.

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