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Best Budget Bars in Singapore



Best Budget bars in Singapore

List of Bars in Singapore

This article explores best budget bars in Singapore which is suitable if you are searching for Singapore nightlife as well as pubs in Singapore is you are on a budget.  Singapore competes with London and Hong Kong for title of most expensive city worldwide. Here, the price of cocktails can be more than $30 in many of Singapore’s bars. However, if you look around a little more, you will find good drinking deals all over the city. Here are some bars that offer the best deals in town.


No. 5 Emerald Hill near Orchard Road

Best Budget Bars in Singapore - No. 5 Emerald Hill is Located at Midpoint Orchard

No. 5 Emerald Hill is one of very famous bars in Singapore for their oriental interior as well as its martini deals that every local knows about. While here you can enjoy a glass of Martini for just $10 per glass. For a nice Singapore nightlife experience at No. 5 Emerald Hill, go to Midpoint Orchard to find this nice bar.


The Secret Mermaid inside Ocean Financial Centre

Best Budget Bars in Singapore - The Secret Mermaid Offers Drinks Including Whiskey, Vodka And Rum

The Secret Mermaid is one of best cocktail bars in Singapore offering a great variety of drinks as well as spirits from experience individuals. There are many drinks including whiskey, vodka, rum and many more unique alcoholic bottles here. The budget offerings starts with draft beer from 11 and house wine for 15 SGD. You can find Secret mermaid on Ocean Financial Centre.


Kanpai 789 in Robertson Walk Shopping Mall

Best Budget Bars in Singapore - Kanpai 789 Offers Japanese Tapas at Robertson Walk

Kanpai 789 is one of few Japanese theme pubs in Singapore that is best for large crowd of friends. At happy hour you will get the best deals if you go there in numbers. The food here is mostly Japanese and they also sell some tapas. Tourists can reach Kanpai 789 at Robertson Walk.


Muddy Murphy’s Irish Pub in Claymore Connect Mall

Pubs in Singapore - Muddy Murphy's Irish Pub is Located at Claymore Connect

Muddy Murphy’s Irish Pub is one of more Western pubs in Singapore that is famous for their oysters and other bar food. This Irish pub is good if you want to enjoy your Singapore nightlife with close friends and have a lot of fun. If interested, you can check this pub out at Claymore Connect.


Beer Factory near Telok Ayer Subway Station

Singapore Nightlife - Beer Factory is Lively And Located Near Raffles Place MRT

Beer Factory is one of more lively bars in Singapore which is located near Raffles Place MRT. This new joint is famous because of its super cheap drink deals. You can get a beer tower here for just $42. Also, from 3 to 7 in the evening 5 bottled beers cost just $25 here.


Al Capone’s Ristorante & Bar outside of *SCAPE Mall

Singapore Nightlife - Al Capone's Ristorante & Bar Has Affordable Deals at Happy Hour

You will find Al Capone in one of the trendiest bars in Singapore. This particular bar is best for its live music and football matches too. They also have affordable deals at happy hour giving you and enjoyable Singapore nightlife experience. If you go shopping near by Scape Mall, you can find Al Capone’s Ristorante & Bar easily because of number of crowds on the street.


McGettigan’s CQ

Pubs in Asia - McGettigan's CQ is Located at Clarke Quay With Mesmerizing Design

McGettigan’s CQ is one of more fancier bars in Singapore. Even though they are located at Clarke Quay, you can still get good budget deals on beer and wine on weekdays here. The interior design of this bar is just something very unique and mesmerizing.

*Update: This bar is not currently operational.


Hospoda Microbrewery in Village Hotel Albert Court

Pubs in Asia - Hospoda Microbrewery Specializes on Czech Beer (Pilsner)

Hospoda Microbrewery is a humble and relatively small brewery specializing in Czech beer (Pilsner). They actually brew all the beer in house and if they get crowded and they run out of beer, you need to come the next day. Also, Hospoda Microbrewery is suitable for having a great Singapore nightlife joy with friends while enjoying high quality beer for a budget.


The Public House located Around Boat Quay

Singapore Nightlife - The Public House Has A Laid Back Feel And is Located At Circular Road

The Public House is one of smaller pubs in Singapore where mostly locals go there. This pub has really friendly bartenders and the entire vibe here is suitable for an amazing Singapore nightlife experience. The drinks are nothing fancy and the entire pub has a laid back feel to it. Head over to Circular road and try their beer and have a chat with the people over there.


Chips Cafe And Pub in Ming Arcade

Pubs in Singapore - Chips Cafe And Pub is Located at Ming Arcade With Blue Color Design

Chips Cafe And Pub is another one of pubs in Singapore with a more bluish interior. They offer many good drinks and the service here is really exceptional. If you want to have nice time with friends, head over to Ming Arcade where you can easily spot this institution.


Scruffy Murphy’s Irish Cafe-Pub near Kent Ridge Park

Pubs in Asia - Scruffy Murphy's Irish Cafe-Pub is Good For Watching Football

Scruffy Murphy’s Irish Cafe-Pub is one handful of sports pubs in Singapore. If you want to watch some football matches and drink some icy cold beer, you can find this pub on south part of Buona Vista road. As any Irish pub, you should try their Guinness beer which is darker in color and slightly more bitter. They are good at making this type of beer in house here.


Best Singapore Nightlife Areas

To find the best areas to have a fantastic Singapore nightlife, tourists and expats need to head to areas such as Orchard Road, Clarke Quay and Boat Quay. These are the areas where mostly foreigners hang around and where most of the nightlife activities take place.

Some of these bars offer great food, however if you want to save down even more, check out cheap places to eat in Singapore. These locations are where locals and salary men and women go to it. Therefore, you can be sure that the food tastes great and it does not break the bank.

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