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Best Cheap Places to Eat in Mumbai



Best Cheap Places to Eat in Mumbai

Budget Places to Eat in Mumbai

Mumbai food is generally cheap and affordable; however, a bit more spicy than normal. Here, you can find some cheap places to eat in Mumbai where most tourists go and have a sane and delicious meal. Mumbai is very busy, and there are many fine dining available here. However, it is a place where you can easily get some cheap food from vendors all over the city. Therefore, there is no shortage of cheap food here. However, hygiene is a big issue for tourists traveling there for the first time. Here is the list of the places to eat in Mumbai that are famous, moderately clean, and tourist-friendly.



Cafe Madras located around the Kings Circle Roundabout

Best Cheap Places to Eat in Mumbai - Cafe Madras Has Good Vegetarian Food

Madras Cafe, found near the Kings Circle roundabout on Bhaudaji Road, is perhaps the most well-known among budget places to eat in Mumbai. This famous local eatery provides you with some of the most authentic South Indian food as well as the feeling of being in Chennai. Also, they have good vegetarian food, and anyone can enjoy it.


Gurukripa Vegetarian Restaurant located close to SIES College

Mumbai Food - Guru Kripa Offers Great Tastings Samose And Bhature Chhole

Gurukripa restaurant serves dishes like samosa and bhature chhole. Also, make sure to give their Mango Lassi gulab jamuns a shot; just be warned that they are quite sweet in taste but definitely worth a try. The taste of these dishes is simply awesome, and the shop is extremely hygienic. The Gurukripa restaurant is located near SIES College.


Baghdadi Restaurant located Behind Taj Hotel

India Travel Tips - Baghdadi Restaurant is An Old Hotel With Tasty Food

Baghdadi is an old hotel restaurant with tasty food and cheap prices. Also, the quantity is good, and the highlight of the place is its huge roti. When here, expect the food to be as your liking. This is definitely one of those budget-friendly places to eat in Mumbai if you like fried chicken and kadai chicken, as they properly make some old-fashioned chicken. Baghdadi Restaurant is located just behind the Taj Hotel on Tulloch Road.


Prakash Shakahari Upahaar Kendra near Chhatrapati Shivaji maharaj Park

Best Cheap Places to Eat in Mumbai - Prakash Shakahari Upahaar Kendra

The most famous dish here is Sabudana Wada. It’s crispy and very delicious. Also, they offer other tasty dishes like Kothimbir Wadi, Missal, Pulaav, Piyush, and Kairi Panha. Also, many come here just for their delicious Sabudana and Batata vadas, which are always accompanied by their special sauce. Make sure to try their sweet drinks as well. Their prices are moderate; however, the place is not air-conditioned. The location of Prakash Shakahari Upahaar Kendra is along the Gokhale Road North, very close to Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Park.


Ram Ashraya Restaurant near Matunga station

India Travel Tips - Ram Ashraya Restaurant is Located Near Matunga Station

This restaurant is located near Matunga station, and they serve a good variety of South Indian delicacies. They are famous for south Indian dishes as well as very good dessert places. Since this is a cheap eatery with adequate hygiene, there are always long queues, so make sure to arrive early for lunch. Some of the most famous items on the menu include Neer and masala dosa, pineapple and blackcurrant Sheera, and idli podi. The portions are small, but since the prices are very low, you can still refill your steel plate many times and not pay much money.


Joey’s Pizza near D N Nagar Metro Station

Joey’s Pizza

Tourists who love fast food and pizza should choose Joey’s Pizza restaurant. It is definitely one of the cheap places to eat in Mumbai that serves a variety of pizzas. This restaurant is great even for international students and travelers on a budget.

It is good to know that they offer half-and-half options, in which you can have two flavors on a single pizza. Mostly, people come here for their chicken tikka and keema toppings, but almost everything here is delicious. There are currently two locations in the city where you can find this pizza. One is found near the D N Nagar metro station at the corner of Barfiwala School Road, and the other is near Mindspace Landscape Garden on Chincholi Bunder Road.

Also, if you are traveling to India for food and culture, it is worth checking out Rajasthan tourist places. This estate in India offers great sightseeing for tourists and has great food as well.

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