Iran is a vast country that has many beautiful attractions that can be quite interesting. Depending on your needs and tastes, among the most favorite places for tourists to choose from in Iran are respectively Mashhad, Northern region of Iran and Kish island. Any of these places have their own seasons for travelers and tourists, and they come to these cities depending on the suitable season. Here we take a look at city of Mashhad and explore its hotels.

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About the city

The city of Mashhad has a very good climate and very spectacular attractions such as Torghabeh, Tous and Kuh Sangi. It is truly a pleasure to see these attractions and to be in these places for every person. The people of Mashhad are well known among the Iranian people for their hospitality and they serve the pilgrims very well. Access to all parts of Mashhad is easy with public transport.

Of most famous hotels in Mashhad you can definitely find them at Ghasr Talaee Hotel as well as Darvishi Hote as they are among the top hotels in Iran as they provide the best amenities to travelers and tourists in accordance of  current world standards.

Top hotels

holy Mashhad

Ghasr Talaee Hotel has a very warm and intimate environment and its unique interior and exterior design is appealing to many families where you can enjoy a great time in there. It should be noted that this hotel has excellent and varied facilities that you can use to create a lasting memory. The restaurant of this hotel is very famous in Iran and you can find the most tastiest and high end meals and drinks in here.

Other suitable hotels in the city include Nima, Helia and Kiana hotels where with their proper spacious design and its very luxurious rooms it is possible to have a very good time while visiting the city for leisure or pilgrimage.