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Best Hotels in Mashhad



Best hotels in Mashhad

List of Hotels in Mashhad

There are hotels in Mashhad since this religious city attracts many worshippers yearly. The best residencies here are Mashahd hotels near the shrine, which make them accessible to many attractions and the main streets of the city. As a country, Iran is a vast country that has many beautiful attractions that can be quite interesting. Among the most favorite places for tourists to choose from in Iran, you can head to Mashhad. This city is becoming more tourist-friendly since many come from outside of the country to visit the Imam Reza Holy Shrine.

Darvishi Hotel Luxury Residency

Best Hotels in Mashhad - Darvishi Hotel is One of Great And Magnificent Mashahd hotels Near Haram of Imam Reza
The magnificent and excellent interior design of this 5-star hotel has turned it into one of the great and magnificent Mashahd hotels near the haram of Imam Reza. This hotel has a free airport transfer. Its water complex is one of the most unique recreational and comfort complexes in Iran and Mashhad. The rooms on the upper floors have a view of the shrine.

Almas Hotel 2 near The Haram

Best Hotels in Mashhad - Almas Hotel 2 is One of Handful of Mashahd Hotels Near Haram
This hotel is not only one of the best hotels in Mashhad but also one of the few newest 5-star hotels in Mashhad. This luxury hotel is one of the handful of Mashahd hotels near haram. It has about 220 rooms and 26 floors. Its interior designs and decorations represent cultures from Arabia, Russia, Turkey, Italy, Africa, and ancient Persia.

Ghasr Talaee Hotel a 5-Star Residency

Best Hotels in Mashhad - Ghasr Talaee Hotel is Close to The Imam Reza Holy Shrine
Golden Palace Hotel in Mashhad is one of the tallest and most luxurious residencies here. One of the important and excellent features of this 5-star hotel, apart from its fantastic facilities, is its proximity to the Imam Reza Holy Shrine. The hotel has about 357 rooms with all the facilities that international guests would need. Wi-Fi internet access and exquisite rooms are all features of this hotel.

Almas Novin Hotel a Very Stylish and Modern Place

Iran Travel Tips - Almas Novin Hotel is Very Stylish And Modern in its Design
Almas Novin Hotel is a four-star hotel, and it is one of the newest hotels in Mashhad. The interior design of this hotel is very stylish and modern. This hotel is in the circle of Mashahd Hotels Near Haram that are not overly expensive. The hotel has facilities such as a swimming pool and Internet access as well as good quality restaurants. The hotel also has a rooftop teahouse and restaurant so that travelers can enjoy the view of the city from above.

Homa Hotel with Ease of Access to Metro Lines

Homa Hotel

Homa International Hotel in Mashhad is one of the largest five-star hotels in Mashhad. This hotel is built on 6 floors and has 135 rooms. This luxurious hotel has several sections, including the main building, villa section, and apartments, which are equipped with the latest modern and up-to-date equipment. In 2016, this hotel was renovated and currently provides the best facilities to pilgrims. As one of the most accessible residencies in this city, Homa Hotel is close to Mashhad Metro.

Homa 1 Hotel Mashhad has several restaurants and dining halls, a sauna and jacuzzi, a massage parlor, a shuttle service to the Imam Reza Holy Shrine, airport transportation service or airport reception, a tennis court, and many other facilities. This hotel is only 20 minutes away from the local shrine and 25 minutes away from Mashhad airport and railway station.


Pardisan Hotel a Good Residency with Less City Noise

Pardisan Hotel

As one of the top and best Mashhad hotels, Pardisan Hotel has been awarded 5 stars and is located in the best weather area of ​​Mashhad. This hotel is built in a green space, and this has made it far from any air pollution and noise pollution. Pardisan Hotel was built in 1380 on five floors and includes 162 rooms and suites.

The types of rooms in Pardisan Hotel include a royal and luxury one-bedroom, a royal twin-bed room and a luxury one-bedroom double room, a luxury double-bed room, a luxury three-bedroom, and a luxury and royal 4-person connecting room. The hotel has a wide view of the street, mountains, and surrounding fields, but it does not have a view of the local shrine.

If you like to visit a more laid-back part of Iran, traveling to Kish Island would be a good idea. Kish Island has many nice beaches and good hotels that you can relax in there. Also, this island is very beautiful, and you can do many water sports activities there.

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