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Best of Baku Cafes



Best of Baku Cafes

List of Baku Cafes and Teahouses

Baku cafes have become more popular as more international travelers come to this part of the country. Baku as the capital of the Republic of Azerbaijan, can be a fantastic destination for coffee-lovers. In this city, you can find Baku cafes and teahouses with different styles, each with its own characteristics and the perfect place to spend a relaxing evening. Some of these cafes, similar to the local budget restaurants in Baku, also have a lot of food to offer at great prices.



Coffee Station Baku near Dənizkənarı Milli Park

Coffee Station Baku is Located near Dənizkənarı Milli Park in a Two Storey Building for Specialty Coffee

Excellent service, delicious coffee from the Marzocco espresso machine and interior design of the 1930s have made Coffee Station a popular cafe. Italian coffees and a selection of delicious snacks and sweet desserts have made customers fall in love with Station Coffee Cafe. This cozy coffee shop is located near the Dənizkənarı Milli Park and is usually bustling with locals and tourists. The breakfast and snacks menu of this cafe are definitely must tries.


Baku Roasting Company on Ayna Sultanova Street

Baku Roasting Company is Oner of Most famous of Baku Cafes Located on Ayna Sultanova Street

This great city has everything to offer in terms of serving excellent coffees. Still, compared to other Baku cafes, the Roasting Company coffee house has a prominent feature because this cafe roasts and processes the coffee beans itself.

The price of the menu here is cheap and affordable and includes a variety of foods. You can order anything you like from a variety of desserts, Azerbaijani options, coffees and other drinks. The interior of the cafe has an intimate atmosphere with yellow lights and the use of wooden service. In the part of the cafe, wooden shelves filled with mugs, packaging of coffees and CDs and books attract attention.


Old School Close to The Nizami Street

Old School is Lcoated Very Close to The Nizami Street and has a Comfortable Sitting Area

If you are interested in seeing what the Baku cafes of the Soviet era looked like, be sure to visit the Old School Cafe. The cafe’s interior is decorated with old objects belonging to the former Soviet government and the communist policies of that time, including an old photo camera and a typewriter. Usually, younger people come to this cafe. Low prices, live music and chess boards make the old school cafe a popular place for people.


Cafe City Statistika on Inshaatchilar Avenue

Cafe City Statistika on Inshaatchilar Avenue - Beautiful Baku Cafes in City Center

Cafe City Statistika is one of the franchised Baku cafes, which you can find several other branches in Baku. If you want to spend an evening in a cafe and relax for an hour, go to Cafe City near Izmir Park, which is a place to relax with an attractive atmosphere, shelves full of antiques and beautifully placed tables and seats.

If you want to lean on the furniture and read a book or flip through a magazine, this cafe is right for you. The breakfast menu here is excellent. Imagine salmon with avocado, omelets and spicy sausage, you can find vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options. In other words, no matter when you go to this cafe, you will always find something to eat.


Coffee Moffie near The Fountains Square

Coffee Moffie is Located near The Fountains Square and a Good Place for Work with a Beautiful Interior

This local and independent cafe is located near Baku Fountain Square. All the baristas have mastered the excellent Italian-style coffees on this menu. During the day Cafe Maffe becomes a popular place for remote workers who like to get to work in a friendly and intimate environment with access to coffee and an internet connection. With all these nights, this cafe becomes a gathering place for all walks of life. Chess tournaments are held here, and the local poets’ association reads plays. In fact, throughout the day until the night, its cultural feeling is maintained with different audiences.


Çay Bağı 145 Teahouse Overlooking Qız Qalası

Çay Bağı 145 is a Well-Known Teahouse which is on Kichik Qala Overlooking Qız Qalası

If you are a true fan of tea drinking, you should go to Cay Bagi 145, which is undoubtedly one of the best places to drink tea in Baku. This is a quiet garden cafe in the city with an attractive terrace facing the old Qız Qalası castle and the sea. This cafe is so charming and cozy that it is hard to imagine a better place.

Here you will be immersed in Azerbaijani culture, from carpets on the floor to handmade tiles. Red tea is traditionally served in narrow glasses. You can order delicious honey cakes if the tea is too bitter for you. Both the interior and the exterior of this teahouse are beautiful and outstanding. Its cheap and affordable menu also a good addition to your visit here.

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