Famous Attractions in Jeju Island

Famous Attractions in Jeju Island

Best Attractions in Jeju Island

Various attractions in Jeju Island are definitely one of the most beautiful and romantic spots in South Korea. It might be interesting for you to know that this place is famous for being a spot in the past to exile and punish criminals and traitors. That is because it was very far from the Korea mainland, with no easy access, and only people went there by boat.

Over time, this area became one of Korea’s most beautiful and most visited resort islands. The breathtaking nature of this island, as well as visiting visiting the seashores and the historical regions and walking on various paths by the sea, are among the things to do in Jeju.



Dol Hareubangs Stone Statues

Famous Attractions in Jeju - Dol Hareubangs Stone Statues Made from Volcanic Stones

Stone sculptures known as Dol Hareubangs are among the most well-known attractions in Jeju Island. These statues can be seen all throughout Jeju Island. Some of these sculptures are up to 3 meters tall and are carved out of the island’s volcanic stones. Dole Haryobang statues are in a variety of sizes and shapes, including on drink bottles, magnets, and souvenirs all around the island. The original stone sculptures may also be found everywhere and are particularly prominent in tourist destinations like Hyeopjae Beach, Hamdeok Beach, and Cheonjiyeon Waterfall.

Visitors can discover more about the history and inspiration of these monuments at even a small park that is devoted to them. These sculptures come in a variety of shapes and sizes, all assembled in this park. These statues are thought to serve both a protective and a fertile function for the island today. As a result of their frequent placement at castle entrances, Haryobang dole statues are revered as defenders of urban structures and populations.


Seongsan Ilchulbong Mountain

Hiking near the Seongsan Ilchulbong Mountain Should be on the List of Things to Do in Jeju

On Jeju Island in South Korea, Mount Seongsan is regarded as one of the remarkable natural tourist attractions in Jeju Island due to its lovely and tranquil surroundings, pleasant ocean breezes, and breathtaking landscape. On Jeju Island, the largest island in Korea, there is a volcanic summit from where you can enjoy a stunning dawn. Despite the mountain’s steep slope and height of 182 meters, a set of stairs has been implemented to simplify the journey for tourists. The peak’s aperture, which resembles a large bowl, is regarded as one of its most distinctive features. One of the best things to do in Jeju is to investigate the island’s volcanic features on this hill.


Jeju Olle Trail with Magnificent Views

Walking Along the Jeju Olle Trail with its Natural Views are Some of the Best Things to Do in Jeju for Couples

Strolling through meandering trails with breathtaking views of Jeju Island should be among the things to do in Jeju for everyone. Olle, which is Korean for “winding path,” refers to any of the meandering paths that may be found on Jeju Island. On Jeju Island, 26 hiking paths go through forests, farmland, villages, and beaches. The trails’ length and degree of difficulty are known, so it is best to pick one that fits your walking capabilities. The majority of the hiking paths run along beaches with views of volcanoes.


Cheonjeyeon Waterfalls in Seogwippo

Cheonjeyeon Waterfalls in Seogwippo are Natural Attractions in Jeju

Another one of the natural attractions in Jeju Island is the Cheonjeyeon Waterfalls. These waterfalls, comprising three distinct rows of waterfalls that start from a cave in the highlands and cascade into the sea, are one of the many attractions in the Seogwippo area. You can view the waterfalls from different perspectives along a walking trail that winds through the forest in several locations.


Hallasan Volcanic Mountain and Park

Hiking the Hallasan Volcanic Mountain and Viiting the Local National Park are one of Things to Do in Jeju

This mountain is one of the most distinctive and lovely attractions in Jeju Island. It should be noted that this mountain’s peak is regarded as South Korea’s highest point. One of Korea’s volcanic mountains is known as Hallasan. Consequently, many beauties were produced due to the volcano that this mountain has had for a long time. The “Eorimok” or “Yeongsil” trails that ascend to the mountain’s center are suitable for light hiking.


Hyeopjae Beach near the Hallim Park

Sunbathing on the Hyeopjae Beach near the Hallim Park is among the Things to Do in Jeju

Hyeopjae Beach, near the Hallim Park, is great for family outings, anbd families with young children are more common there than couples. Hyeopjae lets you escape the city’s bustle and sunbathe and do water sports.

Also, one of the more fun things to do in Jeju is ascending nearby Seongsan Ilchubong for a breathtaking view of the beachfront homes in all their color. Awe-inspiring views of the peak’s two sides will convince you that getting up early to see the dawn from this vantage point is worthwhile.

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