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Top 5 Budget Friendly Cafes in Cairns



Top 5 Budget Friendly Cafes in Cairns

Cairns houses some of the most excellent espresso bars, cafes as well as specialty coffee roasters. If you want to grab a a cup of coffee in the city, here are the best cafes and coffee shops to choose from.



Industry One Coffee Roasters

Top 5 Budget Friendly Cafes in Cairns

The Industry One has a barista school, where you can do a short course to learn milk texturing as well as latte art practices. Their famous branch is the Portsmith Espresso,where you can sample their specialty coffee blends.


The Chamber Room

Top 5 Budget Friendly Cafes in Cairns

The Chamber Room is a specialty espresso and brew bar. The espresso bar uses coffee blends from decaf from Industry Beans as well as Code Black Coffee Roasters. Filter coffee is the famous drink to get the brew bar. Also, you can get tea, hot chocolate as well as allergen-free foods here.


Sipping Duck

Top 5 Budget Friendly Cafes in Cairns

Sipping Duck is a small coffee shop and cafe available at 2 locations of Stratford as well as Portsmith. They specialize in imported coffee beans and their blends. What makes this shop unique is their cold brew coffee that you can get on tap. Also their other specialty is hot chocolate as well as cold drip coffee. Moreover, they are well known for their artistic and colorful latte art. You can also order toasties, wraps or sweet treats with your coffee.


Blackbird Espresso Specialty Coffee

Top 5 Budget Friendly Cafes in Cairns

Blackbird Espresso is one of Australia’s top cafes. This is a great feat in Australia with its big coffee culture. Blackbird is famous with the locals and has its own house blend, which you can buy it online. They also use a special kind if milk that has a natural fat that adds sweetness to their brew. Als, according to many, this is the best coffee you get in Cairns.


Cruze Coffee

Top 5 Budget Friendly Cafes in Cairns

Cruze Coffee belongs to Italian Gilberto Risa who came to Australia in year 1992. This coffee shop serves more than 30 coffee varieties as well as many international and local blends. these coffee beans came from the best coffee-growing parts of the world. Also, they have online delivery system across all of Australia.

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