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Top Budget Eateries in Jerusalem



Top Budget Eateries in Jerusalem

Top Budget Eateries in Jerusalem

Top Budget Eateries in Jerusalem – Jerusalem’s food scene is as diverse and flavorful as the customs that makes this city so unique in the whole world. Here, you’ll find many budget restaurants that serve dishes ranging from traditional Middle Eastern dishes such as shawarma & falafel to vegan and trendy street food.




Top Budget Eateries in Jerusalem

Nagila is a family owned business. You can find this cozy café on a little street in the famous Even Yisrael neighbourhood in the heart of Jerusalem. The menu here has many dishes, a mixture of Israeli flavours, Indian, as well as North African. Also, there are fresh fruit juices and many vegan desserts here. If you are allergic to gluten they offer with gluten-free options as well. This spot is a fantastic choice for lunch or dinner.


Hello Yemen

Top Budget Eateries in Jerusalem

You can find this place near to a gas station near the outer parts of the city. The most famous dish here is shawarm which you can have with pitta bread. The offer chicken, turkey as well as veal meat for their shawarma. After you get your meat you can add tahini and Israeli zhug spread, as well as vegetables & pickles from a their salad bar. In addition, they serves Jerusalem mixed grill, kebabs, steaks. The best thing about here is strong flavours and big food portions.


Ben Sira Hummus Bar

Top Budget Eateries in Jerusalem

Israelis do take their hummus seriously and there are many restaurants that swear on its flavor. When you taste the genuine hummus at a restaurant like Ben Sira, you’ll come to realization why this dish is so popular in the region. Here, you can have your hummus with spiced ground beef, falafel, pita bread as well as Israeli salads. Also, for drinks, you can have cold lemonade or a beer and the restaurant’s black coffee is famous too.


Top Falafel shops in Jerusalem

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