Top Cheap Restaurants in Baku

Top Cheap Restaurants in Baku

Budget Friendly Restaurants in Baku

Azerbaijan has a wide variety of cuisines. You can find some of the top cheap restaurants in Baku, making Baku a trademark city for local food. However some other people say that Baku is an expensive city; however, there are few restaurants among the local restaurants that serve good and cheap food. Furthermore, if you travel to Baku on a small budget, there is no need to worry at all. In fact, there are numerous restaurants in Baku as well as cafes that serve cheap food to travelers. In these restaurants, you can enjoy healthy and delicious food for a very reasonable price.


Kafe “Arishta” near Qoşa Qala Qapısı

Top Cheap Restaurants in Baku - Kafe "Arishta" is Located Near Shakespeare Bar

This underground café is located near the Qoşa Qala Qapısı on Abdulkarim Ali-Zadeh Street and the Puppet Theater bus stop. The name of Arishta café is taken from one of the traditional dishes of Baku, which you can see all over the city of Baku. This dish is homemade noodles with meatballs that are cooked in meat juice.


Anadolu Restaurant for Turkish Food

Top Cheap Restaurants in Baku - Anadolu Restaurant Available All Over City Serving Dushbara Dish

Anadolu Turkish Restaurant is a chain restaurant with a variety of dishes. You can easily find one of the branches of this restaurant with the help of a guide or a map. In these restaurants, you can order one of the Azerbaijani dishes called Dushbara, which is a cheap and filling dish. In fact, this dish is a combination of small dumplings that are cooked with various spices in meat juice. You can find Anadolu Turkish restaurant at the corner of Alexander Pushkin and Uzeyir Hajibeyov streets.


Xәzәr in Nizami Museum of Azerbaijan Literature

Top Cheap Restaurants in Baku - Xәzәr is Located Near The Gosha Gala Serving Kufta Bozbash

Xәzәr is another underground café located near the Gosha Gala near the entrance to the Old Town, right where a gate is located. In this café, make sure to order one of the best dishes of this restaurant called Kufta Bozbash. This dish is meatballs of mutton and rice that are served with beans and potatoes.


Şanson Restoran next to Səadət Sarayı Chapel

Travel Guide Azerbaijan - Şanson Restoran is Located Near Icheri Sheher Metro Station

Şanson Restoran is also a pub, and it is located near Icheri Sheher Metro Station. Moreover, you can order Azerbaijani and European dishes at a very reasonable price in this restaurant.


Masala Junction Indian Restaurant

Masala Junction Indian Restaurant Found on Abdulkarim Ali-Zadeh Street

Masala Junction is perhaps one of the best restaurants in Baku for those seeking quality Indian food at reasonable prices. There is no limitation on the type of Indian food you can order here; they even have seafood mixes as well. Sometimes you can even see events for the local Indian community taking place here. You can find Masala Junction Indian Restaurant on Abdulkarim Ali-Zadeh Street, which is also near the Maiden Towers.


SAHiL bar & restaurant in Dənizkənarı Milli Park

SAHiL bar & restaurant Located in Dənizkənarı Milli Park for Authentic Azeri Cuisine

Inside the Dənizkənarı Milli Park, guests can enjoy a modern-looking restaurant with amazing traditional dishes like Shah pilaf and more modern and international ones made all by great chefs and served by caring staff. Most of the dishes here are inspired by authentic Azeri cuisine, but you can still get kebabs and salads, which are more suited for the international palate. The atmosphere is very soothing, and you can dine inside or on their amazing balcony, which has a magnificent city view.


Paul’s Baku Steakhouse and Beer House

Paul's Baku Steakhouse for Argentinian Style of Steaks With Beer

For those who travel from Europe and want to have a piece of properly cooked Argentinian-style steak, some German sausages, coleslaw, and a cold beer, there are no other restaurants in Baku like Paul’s Baku Steakhouse which is located on Nigar Rafibeyli street. With a great welcoming atmosphere, top-notch food quality, and great service, this is the restaurant for all family members to go to and enjoy delicious Western-style food at very good prices.

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