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Top Places to Buy Cheap Goods in Bangkok



Top places to buy cheap goods in Bangkok

Top Places to Buy Cheap Goods in Bangkok

In order to find top places to buy cheap goods in Bangkok, this article explores Bangkok shopping locations for tourists to save a bit more money on their travel expenses.  There are shopping malls as well as markets available here to buy cheap clothes from in Bangkok. Each one of such places have surprisingly large number of shops that are well into thousands.

There are numerous places to shop in this city such as MBK Bangkok with its modern look and Bangkok Central World shopping mall where you can get very good discounts and deals in there. Furthermore, make sure not to miss going to Terminal 21 Bangkok shopping mall to get extra deals for your money. The most important rule in Bangkok is to bargain. This rule works at almost any markets. It also works at whole-sale shopping malls like Platinum Mall Bangkok and Pan Tip Plaza.

Here, you will find a few of the best budget shopping places in Thailand, for your next trip there.


1. Chatuchak Weekend Market

Thailand Travel Tips - Chatuchak Weekend Market Offers Unique Souvenirs And Home Furniture

This market is one of the biggest markets in the world. It covers an area a size of 35 acres. It also houses 8000 small shops. You will find most of what you need here. Also, Chatuchak offers unique sections to find souvenirs, ceramics, antiques as well as home furniture .



2. Pantip Plaza


Thailand Shopping Guide - Pantip Plaza Offers Computer Hardware And Gadgets

This building is the main places to go is you need any electronics. There are hundreds of shops in there to choose from. They offer computer hardware & software as well newest gadgets. Pantip has all you need if you want to shop for some electronics while in Bangkok.



3. MBK Center

Bangkok Shopping - MBK Bangkok A good Place to Buy Used Mobile Phones

Like other shopping malls here in Thailand,  you can shop for your clothing items in MBK Bangkok. Also, this shopping mall is mostly for people looking for Thai brands and designs. The ground floor section always have some good with discounted prices. So make sure to have a look at this section. There also plenty of new and used mobile phones and accessories on offer in MBK Bangkok, mostly on level 4.


4. Pratunam Market

Thailand Shopping Guide - Pratunam Market is Where You Can Buy Clothes From

Pratunam district is a good location for Bangkok Shopping experience where it is mostly about buying clothes. In this area, Pratunam Market, as well as Platinum Fashion Mall to shop all kind of clothing and accessories. Also, over 4000 shops sell goods here at the lowest prices you can get in the city. Buying different type of clothes may vary around this area. Petchaburi Road sells more proper clothes where stores closers to Baiyoke Tower everyday wear .



5. Union Mall

Thailand Shopping Guide - Union Mall is A Favorite Among Young Local Fashion Designers

Union Mall houses about 1000 stores, and a lot of the boutique stores selling fashionable and trendy clothing by young local fashion designers. You will not see the same clothes anywhere else. Union Mall is a favorite among young locals and less crowded in comparison with other budget shopping malls. Also, Union Mall has huge walkways filled with stored from one end to the end.



6. Centralworld

Bangkok Shopping - Bangkok Central World is Also The 3rd Biggest in Asia

Bangkok central world shopping mall, is the 3rd biggest in Asia and sixth in the whole world. Also, this place accommodates more than 500 shops, 100 cafes & restaurants, located in 7 stories. You don’t want to miss Bangkok central world shopping complex if you go Bangkok for shopping.




Bangkok Shopping - Terminal 21 Bangkok Houses Beautiful And Affordable Local Designer Brands

Terminal 21 Bangkok shopping mall focuses its business on designer clothes of foreign and local brands. Also, this place is a favorite among fashion lovers and features many stalls with beautiful and affordable local designer brands. In fact Terminal 21 Bangkok has somewhat more modern look to it and it is a nice place to hang out as well.



8. Srinagarindra Train Night Market

Thailand Travel Tips - Srinagarindra Train Night Market Offers Beautiful Products

If interested in vintage style items, then you will find your place at the Warehouse Zone and Rod’s Antiques areas in this market. Products in Srinagarindra Train Night Market are impressive and beautiful in their design. Street food shops, restaurants as well as bars fill the entire market. People of all ages come here to shop and enjoy tasty food and drinks.



9. Platinum Fashion Mall

Bangkok Shopping - Platinum Mall Bangkok is Good For Buying Fashion Accessories

Platinum Mall Bangkok is suitable for fashion lovers. It is where you go to shop for your fashion accessories. You can find handbags, hats, shoes, belts as well as cosmetics. Also, all the age groups including children, kids, ladies, men and elderly can shop for clothes in platinum mall Bangkok. They also offer work-wear, night gowns, swim-wear, costume as well as sport wear.



10. Victory Monument Market

Thailand Travel Tips - Victory Monument Market is Where You Can Bargain

Victory Monument is a good choice for people on budget because it offers shoppers many shopping options in the malls, in street market and in small stores on road alleys. You will find the best bargains in this shopping area from Victory Point, Century the Movie Plaza as well as Ratchathewi Soi 3 to 9.

There are also other cities in Thailand are suitable for shopping. Therefore, try checking out the best shopping malls in Phuket as well if you are in the vicinity of that city. There are many beach wear as well as cheap clothes that you can find in there.

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