Top Souvenirs from Philippines

Top Souvenirs from Philippines

Best Souvenirs from Philippines

Many travelers would like to bring home some souvenirs from Philippines and what this great country has to offer. These gifts are suited for those who want to grab a piece of memory from their journey to the Philippines and bring them home with them. Most of these souvenirs are lightweight and easily fitted into a small suitcase.



Dried Mango Sweets

Top Souvenirs from Philippines - Dried Mango Sweets and Easily Just Tasty

It is the home of tropical fruits and boasts of distinctive mangoes. There are so many sweet and delicious mangoes in the Philippines that they are part of the main souvenirs from Philippines.

The country of the Philippines has the sweetest mangoes in the world and, therefore the best dried mangoes worldwide. Dried mangoes are sweet and chewy and are considered good souvenirs for tourists. You can eat dried mango as a snack, dessert or ice cream topping. The mango slices are dried under the tropical sun of this region and retain their taste, which is not as juicy as fresh fruit.


Banig Sleeping Matts

Banig Sleeping Matts are Made from Grass or Reeds with Some Color Patterns

A Banig is one of the handmade souvenirs from Philippines made from reeds or grasses. They are manually made into a mat for sleeping. Banigs are woven with two or three different materials to create a complex pattern or beautiful design. The Banig is typically for sitting or sleeping. It does not, however, make use of fabric or textiles. A traditional Banig is from grass or reeds that are local to the area. Buri, for instance, is used to weave mats in the Visayan region.



Polvoron Soft Shortbread

Polvoron Soft Shortbread is Made from Milk and is Shaped in Bite-sized ones

Polvoron is a candy that consists of flour, butter, sugar and powdered milk. This Filipino candy brings back childhood memories for most Filipinos, as it is usually given as a prize at birthday parties and celebrations. Today, Polvoron can be found in various stores, in supermarkets and even in fast food chains, alongside some food in Philippines, cookies and cream, and even chocolate.


Toy Jeepney Miniature Cars

Toy Jeepney Miniature Cars is Similar to the Tuk Tuk Cars from Thailand

One of the most common means of transportation in the Philippines is the jeepney. This small car closely resembles the tuk-tuks of Thailand that is available in this country since the Second World War. Jeepney is a cultural symbol of this country whose toys are made to cross borders. Toy cars may seem like good souvenirs from Philippines to give to boys at first, but you can also bring them home as souvenirs of the country.


Ensaymada Spanish Dessert

Ensaymada Spanish Dessert that is Topped with a lot of Grated Cheese

Ensaymada is derived from a Spanish dessert of the same name. This dessert has evolved over the years and has now become one of the most popular desserts in the Philippines. This sweet and soft bread is covered with butter and sugar and topped with lots of grated cheese.


Ube halaya Purple Yam Spread

Top Souvenirs from Philippines

A favorite dessert in the Philippines is Ube halaya. It is also known as halayang ube, ube jam, and purple yam jam. Ube is a beautiful, creamy, and sweet pudding-like dessert by cooking, mashing, and then cooking it once more with dairy and sugar—some brands of ube jam are available at supermarkets. Among all the flavorful Souvenirs Philippines visitors can bring back home, this purple goodness is surely one of them


Hopia with Sweet Potato Fillings

Hopia with Sweet Potato Fillings Made from Yellow and Purple Sweet Potatoes

Hopia is undoubtedly one of the most popular souvenirs from Philippines. Hopia is a delicious traditional sweet filled with sweet mung beans. This dessert is made with purple potato, sweet potato and meat. This delightful snack is moon cake, brought to this country by the Chinese immigrants.


Salakot Traditional Hat

Salakot Traditional Hat the Local Wear to Prevent Sunlight and Heat

The hat is part of the traditions of every country, which has maintained its importance even now. It is common for the people of each place to use suitable garments and hats according to their climate. The people of the Philippines are no exception to this rule.

People here wear a traditional ” Salakot ” hat, which is conical. Salakots protect the face and neck from sunlight, which is very effective in the hot month of the year. Metro Manila’s markets are the best place to buy different types of this hat for a lower price.


Wooden Handicrafts and Bowls

Wooden Handicrafts and Bowls Made by Local Artisans in Various Shapes

For many Filipinos in the Philippines, woodworking is a significant source of income. The craft wood industry’s local artisans and carvers take pride in their prowess in using various types of wood to make sculptures and practical household items. They are considered as some of the best Souvenirs Philippines has to offer.


Fabrics and Beautiful Textiles 

Fabrics and Beautiful Textiles from Aklan Province - Best Souvenirs from Philippines 

Pia fabric is the most frequent and well-liked fabric used to make national costumes, including Barong Tagalog and Filipina. Piña is a handwoven Philippine textile produced mainly by the Aklanon in the province of Aklan in Western Visayas, Philippines. It is considered the finest of souvenirs from the Philippines mainly because of its delicacy and natural colors.

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