10 Best Attractions in London

Famous Attractions in London

Tourists who want to do London sightseeing trips should check out 10 best attractions in London. This informs them to know where to go and not waste their time wandering around this big city. A short journey is not long enough to experience everything London has to offer. You can visit with its Medieval castles as well as music halls and museums. Here are a few sights for you to see when visiting this great city.



1. Kew Gardens in Richmond

10 Best Attractions in London - Kew Gardens is A UNESCO World Heritage Location

Kew Gardens is one of the biggest London sightseeing sites and a UNESCO World Heritage location. This garden has the most diverse botanical and unique types worldwide. Here, there are 30 thousand kinds of flowers as well as plants, and 14 thousand trees reside. The main thing to visit here is the Temperate House, which is the world’s biggest Victorian glasshouse.


2. London Eye for a Panoramic View of The City

10 Best Attractions in London - London Eye is Where to Get Bird’s-Eye View of The London City

London Eye is arguably one of the most favorite attractions in London for tourists. It is the best place to get a bird’s-eye view of London City and its buildings such as the Walkie-Talkie and the Shard. It was the world’s tallest Ferris wheel in 2000; however, the Star of Nanchang in China surpassed it in 2006.


3. Madame Tussauds to See Wax Figures of Famous People

10 Best Attractions in London - Madame Tussauds is A Waxwork Museum

London’s Madame Tussauds waxwork museum is one of the most famous franchises worldwide. It is really suitable if you are doing London sightseeing and end up nearby here. The reason is that the museum puts up new celebrity wax figures for display very often. Here, you can take pictures with Meghan Markle or Benedict Cumberbatch and many more of the wax figures.


4. Tower Bridge located over River Thames

London Sightseeing Guide - Tower Bridge is A Symbol of London And Good For Taking Pictures

Today, Tower Bridge is a symbol of London that is well-known all over the world. Tower Bridge is really one of the prettiest attractions in London to take pictures of, especially during sunrise. Therefore, make sure to visit here on a sunny day and take many fantastic pictures.


5. Hyde Park near The Kensington Palace

London Sightseeing Guide - Hyde Park is One of The Largest Parks in The City

This is one of London’s largest parks and an amazingly nice place for a rest after doing major London sightseeing. Also, this park is connected to Kensington Gardens as well as Green Park. While you’re there, visit the Albert Memorial & Kensington Palace. Also, you can go to the Serpentine Galleries for great contemporary art.


6. Oxford Street for Shopping and Food

London Sightseeing Guide - Oxford Street Has Many Retailers And High-street Stores

On Oxford Street, you will find many retailers, high-street stores, as well as designer boutiques. You’ll see British department stores such as Selfridges & Liberty and the famous toy store Hamleys on Regent Street near here.

Also, you can check out the top shopping centers in London, some of which you can find on Oxford Street. Moreover, these places are fantastic for seasonal shoppers since they offer great discounts, especially during Boxing Day and Christmas time.


7. The Shard The Tallest Building in London

London Sightseeing Guide - The Shard is A Skyscraper And The Work of Renzo Piano

This architecture is the work of Renzo Piano, who’s famous for many world-class designs, like the New York Times Building in Manhattan. You will definitely see this skyscraper while doing London sightseeing. It is a major building you can see from almost anywhere in the city. The Shard is really a great sight as it attracts both the locals as well as tourists.


8. Royal Albert Hall to See Famous Performances

UK Travel Tips - Royal Albert Hall Was Built Victorian Times And Hosted Classical & Modern Music Events

The Royal Albert Hall is a good example of the money spent on arts during Victorian times. This hall is truly one of the best attractions in London for tourists and travelers. Royal Albert Hall hosted some of the biggest performers in classical & modern music and has held the yearly Proms concerts as well as the BRIT Awards.


9. Buckingham Palace The Royal Residency

UK Travel Tips - Buckingham Palace is British State's Property And A True Symbol of Britain

No London sightseeing is complete without visiting this place. Buckingham Palace has been home to the royal family since the rule of Queen Victoria in 1837. Today, the palace is the British state’s property and has become a tourist destination and a true symbol of Britain. The major attraction here is the Changing of the Guard.


10. British Museum close to Russell Square

UK Travel Tips - British Museum is Most Favorite Destination For Culture And History

British Museum is one of the main attractions in London for cultural and historical enthusiasts. It was the 1st national public museum in the world. Today, it is Britain’s most favorite destination, with more than 7 million visitors annually. Also, entry is free at the British Museum and includes access to icons like the Ancient Egyptian structures, the Rosetta Stone, as well as Parthenon sculptures.


London Sightseeing Guide

London sightseeing can be a fun experience if you plan your journey on where you want to go and start the journey early in the morning to avoid long queues. Weekends are not optimum as many people visit these attractions in London on those days and the queues for museums are especially long. Make sure to travel by the city’s subway system as it is much faster than the bus during rush hours.

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