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5 Best Attractions in Kutaisi



5 Best Attractions in Kutaisi

List of Beautiful Attractions in Kutaisi

Kutaisi, Georgia, is one of the more suitable options for adventure travelers and nature lovers. This article explores 5 best attractions in Kutaisi that offer great natural views and relaxation to tourists and locals alike. Kutaisi is a good city to relax and enjoy the beautiful hillside views, river as well as UNESCO World Heritage cathedrals. Here are some of the attractions to visit while you are there.



1. Martvili Canyon Found in Samegrelo Region

5 Best Attractions in Kutaisi - Martvili Canyon Offers Views of Balda Waterfalls

Martvili Canyon has one of the most beautiful, untouched waterfalls in Kutaisi, Georgia. The deep green color of the river and the waterfalls bring many tourists. In the summertime, you can ride boats through Martvili Canyon as well. Also, you can hike from the canyon to the Balda Waterfalls from here.


2. Prometheus Cave for Adventurous Travelers

5 Best Attractions in Kutaisi - Prometheus Cave Has Mesmerizing Views of Underground Rivers

Prometheus Cave is one of Georgia’s best caves and another one of the interesting attractions in Kutaisi for adventurous travelers. This cave has over a 1-kilometer-long walking route as well as a 280-meter pathway on an underground river. Also, this cave has mesmerizing views of underground rivers and lakes, colored lighting stalactites, and stalagmites.


3. Gelati Monastery The First Monastery in The Country

5 Best Attractions in Kutaisi - Gelati Monastery is The Oldest Scientific And Religious Academies in Kutaisi Georgia

Gelati Monastery has become a great place for Christ worshipers to come and take a visit here. It is one of the attractions in Kutaisi that might be very famous, but with its magnificent frescos, you are guaranteed to be inspired by the architecture and the artworks here. In fact, this monastery is famous for its architecture and is one of the oldest scientific and religious academies in Georgia. Gelati Monastery is of higher importance for those who appreciate old religious architecture, especially in churches.


4. Sataplia Reserve in Tskaltubo Municipality

What To Do in Georgia - Sataplia Reserve Has A Panoramic View Platform Made of Glass

This reserve offers paths for kids as well as an exhibition showing dinosaur footprints. These are spots where you can see the footprints of dinosaurs, which are perfectly preserved here. Also, there are a few caves in the area, as well as a panoramic view platform made of glass. There are various tour guides here that can explain to you the ins and outs of this museum as well as the surrounding area and its importance in Paleontology. If you are afraid of heights, you might want to take the canopy. The tickets are generally priced at GEL 18 for adults, and the museum and the glass bridge are open daily from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.


5. Okatse Canyon in Khoni Municipality

What To Do in Georgia - Okatse Canyon is Located in The Khoni Municipality

Okatse Canyon is one of the most beautiful natural attractions in Kutaisi. This place has long hiking paths that usually take 2 to 3 hours to finish. For those who are not fit physically, it might be a real challenge as there are thousands of steps to go up the suspended bridge and then again to come back down. These pathways pass through Dadiani forest with a canopy walkway, which gives a panoramic view of the canyon.

For those who have a fear of heights, you might need to reconsider going there or just go there with a company to keep an eye on you. If you are interested in boating, which stretches along this canyon, there is a local boat tour available in calm weather all year round. Tourists need to go to Khoni Municipality to enjoy the magnificent view of Okatse Canyon. There are taxis that can take you here with some slight hassle, but the moment you get there, you will understand it is worth the trip.

You should also read through Kutaisi tourist attractions to get to know these places and know where to go next on your journey. This city has a lot to offer for those who are eager to put time and energy into exploring it.

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