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5 Cheap Places to Eat in Amsterdam



5 Cheap Places to Eat in Amsterdam

Where to Find Cheap Places to Eat in Amsterdam

Finding cheap eats Amsterdam has to offer is difficult. Therefore, here is a list of 5 cheap places to eat in Amsterdam while you are on a tight budget. Visitors find that eating in Amsterdam can be expensive. However, staying on a budget while eating in Amsterdam is possible. The tip is to walk outside a crowded tourist area to find quality food and some of the best cheap restaurants Amsterdam provides.


1. Benny’s Chicken A Street Food in Noord-Holland

Cheap Eats Amsterdam - Benny's Chicken Offers Dutch Free-Range Chicken And Hot Dogs

Benny’s Chicken is the first cheap place to eat in Amsterdam. This food cart has products consisting mostly of farm chickens. De Boerderijkip is a Dutch free-range chicken with more nutrition and a better life. This environmentally conscious chicken grows in a heated barn and gets 100% vegetable feed. In addition to all fresh and cooked products, they also have delicious gourmet dishes for you.
This is a chicken shop where you can choose your portion as well as your favorite marinate. Their prices start from €3 per kg of chicken, and it goes higher for their mix-and-match gourmet dishes. They cook the chicken right in front of you so that you are sure that the product you get is very fresh and clean. Also, you can get a hot dog as cheap as €1. Amsterdam goers can find these cheap restaurants all over the city as stalls.


2. Wok to Walk Selling Chinese Food to go

Cheap Eats Amsterdam - Wok to Walk is A Chinese Flavoured Eatery Offering A Tasty Meal

This chain is one of the cheap places to eat in Amsterdam and where visitors should definitely try. They offer visitors and locals 4 types of noodles, 2 types of rice, and veggies paired with 8 types of sauces. Whatever you choose, you can get this Chinese-flavored eatery’s delicious pairing for under five euros — a tasty meal substitute or late-night miracle that you can bring home and is just as good for lunch the next day.


3. De Hapjeshoek KNown for its Kipfilet Kerrie

Cheap Places to Eat in Amsterdam - De Hapjeshoek is A Surinamese Takeaway Shop

Near the Waterlooplein station is the Surinamese takeaway shop known as De Hapjeshoek. It is where you will find some of the most budgets eats, making it one of the great cheap places to eat in Amsterdam for authentic Kipfilet Kerrie. Also, most visitors pass through Waterlooplein station on every trip to Amsterdam. Therefore, this takeaway is reasonably visible while you are on this street. Every time visitors pass through, they cannot resist the delicious chicken curry sandwich, aka ´Kipfillet Kerrie Broodjes. A Chicken curry sandwich at just €3 is perfect for a small bite after a refreshing drink! Out of all, this joint is the most flavorful of cheap restaurants in Amsterdam.


4. HEMA Famous For its Sausages and Rookworst

HEMA Best Place to Get Rookworst A Dutch Smoked Sausage & Home or Houseware

HEMA is a well-known general store in the Netherlands. This store sells cheap eats Amsterdam tourists can enjoy. Also, they sell many branded products, including home/houseware, clothes, and food. Also, It offers locals and visitors the special rookworst, a smoked sausage. In fact, Hema is definitely the most commonly found cheap place to eat in Amsterdam.
This sausage is one of the most beloved snacks in all of the Netherlands. This cheap food in Amsterdam is mainly a giant Dutch hotdog with a smoky flavor which you can get from HEMA. “Rookworst” simply means smoked sausage, but its fans sign on for its sweetly savory ham-like quality, which is tastier with a bun and spicy mustard. The sausage normally costs around 2 to 3 euros.


5. Kaasland Haarlemmerdijk Selling Great Dutch Cheese

Budget Food Netherlands - Kaasland Haarlemmerdijk Offers Cheese Like Gouda or Alkmaar

For tourists who love cheese, this store also sells cheap food Amsterdam budget travelers can enjoy. You don’t need to go to Gouda or Alkmaar for fresh cheese. This Dutch cheese shop offers cheese until 7 pm, making it one of the cheap places to eat in Amsterdam until late in the evening. Also, it accepts credit cards and is happy to give cheese samples to tourists and visitors.
A huge portion of your favorite dairy-free cheese costs around 3 euros. At lunch, they also serve sandwiches for as little as 4 euros. This store is open for lunch as well as dinner.


After exploring cheap food in Amsterdam, you can check out the activities and 3 things to do when visiting the Netherlands. These activities are generally what every newcomer should be aware of to enjoy better sightseeing in this beautiful city. They can help you explore more parts of the city and even find cheap restaurants in Amsterdam that you can pinpoint for future dining experiences.


Exploring the Best Cheap Eats Amsterdam Has to Offer

This city is full of eateries that offer great food on the go. From French fries to Dutch kroket, Amsterdam has many cheap eats to offer its visitors. Most of the time, you can see a food stall next to the river or just near the main parks selling great snacks a very reasonable prices. Looking further, Hema or other supermarkets have great deals for one or two people, especially during Christmas.

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