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5 Cheap Places to Eat in Amsterdam



5 Cheap Places to Eat in Amsterdam

5 Cheap Places to Eat in Amsterdam – Finding the great places to eat in Amsterdam while you’re on a tight budget can be difficult. Visitors find that eating in Amsterdam might be expensive. But, it’s possible to stay on a budget while eating in Amsterdam. So, here are the best 5 places to get less expensive eats in Amsterdam.


1. Isikogullari

Amsterdam’s delicious Turkish pizza is served with delicious meat and is available in six flavours for €5 or less. Aside from that, they deliver them to you as well. There are also two shaorma varieties that comes with and without cheese for €0.50 to €1 extra. Another most favourite is the grill-flavored spicy chicken and cheese that costs just €5.

2. Wok to Walk

This chain offers offers visitors and locals 4 types of noodles, 2 types of rice, and veggies paired with 8 types of sauces. Whatever you choose, you can get this Chinese flavoured eatery’s delicious pairing for under five euros — a tasty meal substitute or late-night miracle that you can bring home and is just as good for lunch the next day.

3. De Hapjeshoek

Near the Waterlooplein station is the Surinamese takeaway shop known as De Hapjeshoek. Also, most visitors pass through Waterlooplein station on every trip to Amsterdam. Therefore, this takeaway is reasonably visible while you are on this street. Every time visitors pass through, they cannot resist the delicious chicken curry sandwich aka ´Kipfillet Kerrie Broodjes. A Chicken curry sandwich at just €3 is a very good price for a small bite after a refreshing drink!


HEMA is a well-known general store in the Netherlands that sells a many branded products including home/houseware, clothes and food. Also, It offers locals and visitors the special rookworst, a smoked sausage.

This sausage is one of the most beloved snacks in all of the Netherlands is mainly a giant Dutch hotdog with a smoky flavour which you can get from HEMA. “Rookworst” simply means smoked sausage, but its fans sign on for its sweetly savory ham-like quality which is tastier with a bun and spicy mustard. The sausage normally cost around 2 to 3 euros.


For tourists who love cheese. You don’t need to go to Gouda or Alkmaar to have fresh cheese. This Dutch cheese shop is offers cheese until 7pm. Also, it accepts credit cards, and is happy to give cheese samples to tourists and visitors.

A huge portion of your favorite dairy-free cheese costs around 3 euros. At lunch, they also serve sandwiches for as little as 4 euros. This store is open for lunch as well as dinner.


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