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5 Places to Buy Clothing From in Istanbul



5 places to buy clothing from in Istanbul

5 Places to Buy Clothing From in Istanbul

There are many places for shopping in Istanbul, especially for clothing. Hence, here is a list of 5 places to buy clothing from in Istanbul that offer clothes from cheap to premium prices. In Istanbul, no matter what’s on your shopping list, you will surely get it in malls and shops of Istanbul. If you want to shop clothes in Turkey then you are in the right country. Here are our top places and areas to shop in Istanbul.


1. Istiklal Street

Shopping in Istanbul - Istiklal Street is A Long Pedestrian Street Stretches to Taskim Square

On the European part of Istanbul, Beyoglu is area where you will see Istiklal street. This long pedestrian street stretches towards Taskim Square and has many stores including boutiques, restaurants, art galleries, music stores, cafés, cinemas, as well as pubs. Istiklal Street place attracts more than 3 million people everyday. Therefore, it is a nice hang out place and good for shopping in Istanbul. If you want to shop in stores like Topshop, H&M you’ll find those shops in Istiklal street too.



2. Nisantasi

Shopping in Istanbul - Nisantasi is Good For Lavish Buyers And Offers Uniqueness And Elegance

If you love fashion then go to the Tesvikiye area of Nistantasi. There are places where you’ll find boutique shops of many Turkish clothing designers. Nisantasi is known for uniqueness and elegance. In fact, Nisantasi is definitely not an area for budget shoppers, rather for people who have a more lavish taste.


3. Istinye Park

Shopping in Istanbul - Istinye Park is A Place to See More Premium Brands

Istinye Park is one of the largest shopping malls in Istanbul. Moreover, Istinye Park has something for everyone including a kids entertainment center, an indoor & outdoor shopping center, a sports club as well as IMAX theater. If you want to see more premium brands, then Istinye Park might be a better option for you to have a look at and do your shopping in Istanbul.



4. Istanbul Cevahir

Places to Buy Clothing From in Istanbul - Istanbul Cevahir is Shoppers' Favorite Place

Istanbul Cevahir mall is a shoppers’ favorite place. You will see all the foreign brands, from Nine West to River Island, in Istanbul Cevahir. Also, if you miss the flavors of the western world, there are also fast food restaurants like Pizza Hut, Burger King as well as KFC that you can enjoy in Istanbul Cevahir. This is the place you can experience shopping in Istanbul at its fullest.



5. Istanbul Grand Bazaar

Places to Buy Clothing From in Istanbul - Istanbul Grand Bazaar Located in The Old City

An nice place to bargain for goods is at Istanbul grand bazaar. This bazaar is one of the biggest and oldest in the world. Istanbul grand bazaar houses more than 3000 shops that attract a lot of people per day. You will see many activities inside and around the of the Old City. Also, you can buy souvenirs and jewelry as well as leather product at bargained prices in numerous shops in Istanbul grand bazaar.


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