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6 Best Attractions in Spain



6 Best Attractions in Spain

Famous Attractions in Spain

Spain tourist attractions are truly wonderful for many architecture enthusiasts. The ones listed here are some of the 6 best attractions in Spain to see if you are in this country for a short period of time. Spain attracts a lot of tourists worldwide. Further, a lot of people come here for the sun, sangria as well as its beautiful beaches. However, there are more attraction here for you to visit along the way.


1. The Alhambra Palace in Granada

Spain Tourist Attractions - The Alhambra is The Best Islamic Architectures Worldwide

This place is one of the main tourist attractions in Spain. It has fantastic marble as well as mosaics fountains. Also, the extensive detailing here are some of the best well kept of any Islamic architectures worldwide.

Al Hamra is a palace overlooking the city of Granada in Spain, which is considered as one of the most representative examples of North African art and perhaps one of the most famous Islamic buildings in the world. Al Hambra is a palace overlooking the city of Granada in Spain, which is considered as one of the most prominent examples of Islamic art and perhaps one of the most unique architectures in Spain which tourists should definitly visit. This building consists of several separate parts that were built in different periods in Andalusia.


2. The Guggenheim Art Museum in Bilbao

6 Best Attractions in Spain - The Guggenheim is Designed By Frank Gehry

If you love to know the art and culture of the world, especially Spain then you need to visit The Guggenheim museum. This museum is one of the most famous attractions in Spain and one of the best modern museums in the world. Spain, in general, is a destination for art enthusiasts. This country has stunning buildings such as museums, palaces and very unique churches in its heart. One of the main reasons for this abundance goes back to the rich cultural-artistic history of Spain. In fact, Spanish art has received many influences from world art and artists have created a unique combination of regional and global art in their works.


3. Sagrada Familia Church in Barcelona

Spain Tourist Attractions - Sagrada Familia is A Unique Architecture in Spain

Sagrada Familia is a unique building and is one of many religious architectures amongst tourist attractions in Spain. However, it remains incomplete and they plan to finish its completion by 2026. Although the exterior of the church is actually an artistic masterpiece, its interior feels more magnificent when you step inside. The main elements that Antoni Gaudi used in this work are light and color, and this is one of the main reasons that made this masterpiece of his major designs. Just like its exterior, in the interior of this church, religious symbols can also be seen, and the sculptures and statues built inside are inspired by the stories of the Bible.


4. Mosque-Cathedral of Córdoba

6 Best Attractions in Spain - The Great Mosque Also Known As Cordoba’s Mezquita

Cordoba’s Mezquita is one of Spain’s famous architectures. This building is now a cathedral for the Christians worshippers. Also, this architecture is a good example of the Islamic impact on the south part of Spain.When you go to the city of Córdoba in the southern regions of Spain, you will see one of the most beautiful and largest mosques in Andalusia, whose decorations and Islamic architecture are among the rarest examples in the world. Inside this mosque, what stands out the most are marble columns and its magnificent architecture.


5. Valencia City of Arts and Sciences

Europe Tourist Attractions - Valencia City of Arts and Sciences in Santiago Calatrava

In Valencia, Santiago Calatrava, designed and built the City of Arts and Sciences, an entertainment complex comprising as well as a science museum & an open-air aquarium which is the largest in Europe. This city is highly recommended to visit for all purposes which includes food and cultural sightseeing.


6. Salamanca’s Plaza Mayor and Public Square

Europe Tourist Attractions - Salamanca’s Plaza Mayor Has Cafes As Well As Restaurants

Salamanca’s Plaza Mayor is made from sandstone and it is one of best attractions in Spain and one of its nicest squares. Furthermore, this building has baroque architecture as well as many cafes as well as restaurants. This is a major part of the city square where many tourists and locals hang around especially at night time.

If you like ancient architecture, you should also take a look at beautiful Spanish castles near Madrid. These old castles are some of the most interesting looking pieces of art. make sure to go there when there are less tourists that you can appreciate their full beauty.

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