A Guide to Top Cologne Cafes

A Guide to Top Cologne Cafes

Best of Cologne Cafes

Cologne cafes and coffee shops provide a perfect space to relax and eat coffee and food for natives and tourists. Although people love Cologne for its other drinks, there are plenty of places in this German city to enjoy coffee. Moreover, cafes in Cologne have a wide variety that keeps different tastes satisfied, from simple café to stylish ones.

Moreover, Cologne is the fourth largest city in Germany and actually the oldest city in this country. This city is in the west of Germany, southwest of the Rhine River, and is still considered one of the most important port cities in Europe.


hommage Café Located on Friesenstraße Street

A Travel Guide for Cologne Cafes - hommage Café is Very Close to Friesenplatz Transit Station

Hommage café is one of the good Cologne cafes which is very close to Friesenplatz Transit station. This coffee house has a very nice ambiance with an outdoor terrace. Also, the coffee is pretty good, and they have a huge selection of cakes. The staff is friendly, and the place gets pretty busy during middy. It is a very small place; however, the food is exemplary. The Friesenplatz station is accessible by almost all the trams as well as bus numbers 172 and 173.


Café Franck in center of Neuehrenfeld

Travel Guide Germany - Café Franck is In The Heart of Neuehrenfeld

In the heart of Cologne-Neuehrenfeld, Café Franck stands for a loving mix of homemade café, cocktail lounge, and club for dancing. They cater to people of all ages who meet here for breakfast, cake, or to linger in the lounge here. They offer a good time in a beautiful atmosphere with a balance between innovation and tradition and a lot of love for details. The current location of Café Franck is at Eichendorffstraße 30, which is accessible by buses 141 and 143 as well as trams 5 and 1, which all stop at “Subbelrather Str./Gürtel” station nearby.


Café Wohnraum near Nippeser Tälchen Park

Café Wohnraum is Located in Nippes Area on Neusser Street - A Travel Guide for Cologne Cafes

Café Wohnraum is one of the Cologne cafes you can find in the Nippeser area on Neusser Street. They provide coffee specialties, healthy smoothies & homemade delicacies. Here, you can enjoy eating anything from savory to sweet thanks to their varied menu in a relaxed & cozy atmosphere. Also, they offer you a variety of homemade soups, quiches, salads & bagels. To get to Café Wohnraum, you can either get off at Florastr station using bus number 147 or trams 12 or 15. Also, you can stop at “Leipziger Platz” if you are taking bus number 140.


Café Sehnsucht on on Körnerstraße Street

Café Sehnsucht is Found on Körnerstraße 67 Street - Travel Guide Germany

You can find Café Sehnsucht on Körnerstraße 67 street. Here you can drink coffee from the Cologne organic coffee roastery “Van Dyck.” All green coffees used here are from organic farming and fair trade. Café Sehnsucht always offers fresh, seasonal cuisine – varied, vegetable-rich, and strong in the aroma. Also, they have a good selection of gourmet dishes other than coffee that you should give a try at times.

The location of Café Sehnsucht is good for using public transport as you can use trams number 5 and 16 as well as bus number 142 and stop at Liebigstre. Also, trains Re1 and RE9 and subway S19 have a station at Ehrenfled, which is very close to this coffee shop.


HEILANDT Kaffeemanufaktur with A Few Branches

A Travel Guide for Cologne Cafes - HEILANDT Kaffeemanufaktur has A Few Branches Operating Throughout The City

HEILANDT Kaffeemanufaktur is one of those Cologne cafes that has a few branches operating throughout the city. This café was founded somewhere in 2010 by four friends. This is more than a simple coffee shop, and they sell all merchandise related to the hobby of coffee making. As for the beans, they get them from specific locations and use direct trade. Also, it is good to know that they roast their own coffee in-house.

Other cities like Stuttgart are becoming favorable locations for both German and international coffee lovers. Some of these Stuttgart cafes provide customers with reasonably priced coffee in beautiful settings. Therefore, make sure to visit that city if you have time.

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