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Antalya Beach Guide For Tourists



Antalya Beach Guide For Tourists

Antalya Beach Guide For Tourists

This Antalya beach guide for tourists explores the best beaches in Antalya that travelers can visit to know where to go in this beautiful part of Turkey. The city of Antalya, which is one of the most spectacular attractions in Turkey. Also, it has many tourist attractions. The most important and beautiful of which is undoubtedly the attractive and beautiful beaches of this city. In fact the beaches of Antalya are one of important factors in attracting tourists in Turkey. If you travel to Turkey and do not know which city to choose to travel, Antalya is your best bet. With its unique beaches and scenery, these beaches are an addition to the beautiful nature of this city.


Konyaalti Beach

Antalya Beach Guide For Tourists - Konyaalti Beach is Located Between The Mountains of Beydağları

This is another famous and well-known beach, which is located between the cliffs and the mountains of Beydağları. This very large beach has a lot of space for fun and sunbathing, and there are good restaurants and cafes in Konyaalti beach that you can visit. Also, Konyaalti is the second most public and one of best beaches in Antalya. Moreover, there is an exciting water park on the beach, full of water sports and as well as a dolphin pool where dolphins play. Konyaalti beach is suitable for people of all ages can come and have fun and explore this part of the city.


Kaputas Beach

Turkey Travel Tips - Kaputas is Also Famous as Kaputas Plaj in Turkish And Has Pristine Natural Beauty

Kaputash Beach or in Turkish Kaputas plaj is located in a very narrow valley towards steep cliffs and forests in the small bay of the same name. Also, Kaputash Beach is very popular among visitors to this area due to its pristine natural beauty. There are no fixed facilities in this place other than some sun beds. Access to the beach is via descending stairs from the road. There is also a car park with limited parking spaces along the street above. The Kaputas Beach is protected by the municipality of Kalkan and is also a favorite cruise ship stop. The waters near the shore are shallow, but a little further from the beach there is deep water.


Kemer Beach

Antalya Beach Guide For Tourists - Kemer Beach is 40 km Away From Antalya

Kemer beach is one of the best beaches in Antalya. It is 40 km away from Antalya. Because the sea water in this region is less saline, therefore it is very suitable for swimming. In this Antalya beach, all kinds of hotels and restaurants, cafes and shopping malls can be seen next to historical places. In fact, Kemer beach is one of the tourist attractions of Antalya, bringing many foreign tourists to Antalya. The nature around Kemer beach has created a very unique view where you can swim and do some diving. Also, you can do some boating and fishing near the Kemer Beach.


Patara Beach

Best Beaches in Antalya - Patara Beach is A Few Hours Away From The City Center

Patara beach is a few hours away from the city center of Antalya. However, factoring the distance, this Antalya beach still very nice and beautiful and definitely worth a visit. Patra Beach has 18 km of white sand that has created a beautiful harmony with the navy blue sea. In addition to its natural beauty, this beach also has a protected area for Caretta turtles, that come to Patara beach every year to lay their eggs.


Cirali Beach

Best Beaches in Antalya - Cirali Beach Includes Historical Remains of Roman Settlements

On the Cirali beach, there are historical remains of Roman settlements. This beach is one of the most beautiful and historic beaches in the city. Also, it is one of the busiest and best beaches in Antalya. The natural beauty of this beach, white sand beach, clear water and bungalow rooms are some of the attractions of the Cirali beach.


Lara Beach

Best Beaches in Antalya - Lara Beach is Covered With White Sand Resembling Snow

You can find Lara Beach in the eastern part of Antalya. Moreover, it is one of the most popular and best beaches in Antalya. Most of the city’s hotels are located nearby this area. Also, Lara beach is covered with white sand that looks like snow on the ground. This beach is about 450 hectares of land, which includes beach clubs, restaurants, cafes and nightclubs. With all these facilities, Lara beach should be on top of places you should visit in Antalya. From Lara beach, to the east, you can see the lower Duden waterfall, which pours into the sea, and next to it, there is always a small local souvenir market.


Mermerli Plajı

Turkey Travel Tips - Mermerli Plajı is Located Next to The Old Port of Kaleiçi

Mermerli beach is a small and traditional Antalya beach, which you can find it next to the old port of Kaleiçi. The space on this beach is very limited, especially on weekends. However, swimming is really fun, especially because of the clear water and the great view of the cliffs facing the beach. In the area, the weather and water are clear and waves are somewhat rare. In this beach you can swim and enjoy the magnificent view of the cliff nearby. However, the Mermerli beach is not suitable for people who do not know how to swim, because the water here is deep. Moreover, you can rent beach equipment on Mermerli Beach. There are diving goggles and snorkels, bath towels, air mattresses, swimming equipment and even toys for children.



Turkey Travel Tips - Phaselis Has Rocky Ground And Not So Deep Waters

If you want to swim in Phaselis, you can head directly to the entrance to the harbor here, where two rocky beaches can be found. The water is very clear and turquoise blue and the sun shines mildly. The water here is not very deep, however, you can have problems due to the rocky ground on Phaselis. Therefore, it is recommended to bring beach shoes, but the largest beach is located in the southern port. Some tourist boats stop nearby Phaselis to let people swim in the fresh waters of the Mediterranean.


If you want to shop around in this city, you really need to check out the best shopping centers in Antalya. These shopping places have a lot to offer such as swimming gear as well as beach clothes. Also, you can buy some souvenirs and bring them home.

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