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Authentic Indian Restaurants in London



Authentic Indian Restaurants in London

The Best of Indian Restaurants in London

There is no shortage of good Indian restaurants in London, and some of the best curry houses London has its food lovers, are located in East and South of this city. The menu you get to see in these Indian restaurants in London is from those found in India or are a fusion experienced chefs create.


Gunpowder in Spitalfields and Soho

Gunpowder Spitalfields With Branches in Soho and Tower Bridge - The Best of Indian Restaurants in London

Located in Spitalfields, Gunpowder is one of the finest Indian restaurants in London, which has modernized traditional family recipes while retaining most of the original flavors. What they are known for is their fusion food that are mixed with amazingly fragrant spices and are bursting with flavors. Some of the most interesting dishes you can try here include lamb chops, spicy venison vermicelli as well as their special oysters. Other than in Spitalfields, you can find their branches in Soho and Tower Bridge areas as well. As for the prices, expect to pay medium prices, but the meals are very filling.


Little India Located in South Kensington

Little India is Located in South Kensington - Amazing Curry Houses London Has to Offer

Another similarly priced curry house London has to offer is the loved Little India restaurant. This is a small restaurant, always clean, and the staff makes sure that all the tables are tidy and in order. If you are visiting Little India for the first time, then make sure to order Tandoori chicken and meat vindaloo. Unlike Gunpowder, you can order freshly baked naan bread here.
Also, for those who want to have seafood, there is a special menu with items like prawn and fish curry and prawn masala. Another positive thing to say about Little India is their old-fashioned hospitality, where waiters give special attention to your table and make sure you do not encounter any inconvenience. Moreover, if you are on a vegetarian diet, there are only a handful of options to order. You can find Little India at 32 Gloucester. It is very close to Royal Albert Hall and Queen’s Gate Terrace Road.


Brigadiers near Mansion House Station

Authentic Indian Restaurants in London - Brigadiers Found Near Mansion House Station

The interior of Brigadiers resembles the mess halls of the British Empire’s military of the past in India. The purpose of this design was to encourage socializing and allow the customers to see one another. Inside, diners can enjoy watching live sporting events or play on available pool or card tables. If you want to sit outside, there is also an outdoor terrace here. Overall, the chefs here use different grilling methods, depending on the type of food, like using charcoal, wood oven, and traditional tandoors. It is truly one of the top Indian restaurants in London that you should visit.

To make the meal even more enjoyable, you can order alcoholic drinks on the side as well. Also, if you want to have private rooms or events, make sure to notify them in advance so they sort them out for you. It is good to order their mixed grill platter for a family gathering as it includes all the signature meat tandoori offerings on which this restaurant prides itself. You can find Brigadiers at 1-5 Bloomberg Arcade, near Queen Victoria Street and Mansion House subway station.


Colaba Indian Dining Located in the West Hampstead

Amazing Curry Houses London - Colaba Indian Dining Run an Indian Family

Another one of the curry houses that London has for food lovers is Colaba Indian Dining Restaurant. This is a Mumbai-inspired eatery located in West Hampstead Lane, which a lovely Indian family runs. What makes Colaba unique is its detailed attention to allergies and other dietary needs of the customers. In fact, they offer a menu showing the allergy indicators for almost all of their dishes. Also, if you are a vegan, you will enjoy the food here. The atmosphere is very soothing, and the naan is very delicious as well.


Dhaba@49 with Diverse Food Menu

Dhaba@49 Address is at 49 Chippenham Road and Offers Tandoori & Aloo Puri

If you crave North Indian Dhaba style of food, then Dhaba@49 has you covered. The food here has slightly been changed to be more acceptable to the local taste. That means that they make the food less spicy in comparison to what you get in North India. Still, almost all the items on the menu, like their tandoori, aloo puri and etc., are all cooked with care and love.

Also, their portions are very big, and the vegetarian options are way more unique than the rest of the Indian restaurants in London. There are other veggie restaurants in London worth checking as well, with great appetizing items. Make sure to try their lassi and cocktails as well definitely. The interior is also very modern and clean, and there is even a private dining room for business meetings or family gatherings.

The current Dhaba 49 address is at 49 Chippenham Road. Coming here by subway, you need to stop at Westbourne Park Station. Then take Great Western Road followed by Elgin Avenue until you reach here.


BiBi Found in Mayfair

BiBi Opened in September 2021 and is Currently Located in Mayfair Neighborhood

Opened in September 2021, Bibi is amongst the finest Indian restaurants in London. It has taken the cooking method of maternal grandmothers (bibis) and modernized them. The chef here, Chet, has been working in various fine dining restaurants across the country, and you will experience the same kind of etiquette and food quality presented in Bibi as well. The menu also is similar to the way a Micheline-Star restaurant offers as it comes with appetizers, main courses, and desserts, all of which are divided into five sections.

As for the interior, it has a kitchen counter where guests can sit and observe the process of cooking. Also, there are normal tables across the restaurant as well as an outdoor terrace. Bibi is located at 42 N Audley Street, Mayfair, very close to Speaker’s Corner. If you travel by Tube, exit near either Marble Arch or Bond Street stations and then walk towards Park Street.


Babur Located on Brockley Rise

Babur Opened in 1995 and is located at 119 Brockley Rise Very Close to Honor Oak Park Subway Station

Since its opening in 1995, Babur has been one of the most welcoming Indian restaurants in London. Here, has been dishing out some of the most interesting Indian dishes in South East London. Similar to Bibi, they present their food in a fine dining manner but with very reasonable prices, though with small portions. Over the years, Babur has been awarded many times for their sophisticated menu from many prestigious institutions. You will see them when you enter here.

The menu has some fixed items and some that change depending on the hour of the day. You can even order cocktails, Italian wines, and craft beer to accompany your meal. Also, there is a special dietary menu if you want your food to be vegan, halal, dairy-free, or gluten-free. You can find Babur restaurant at 119 Brockley Rise, very close to Honor Oak Park subway station.

Potli close to Ravenscourt Park

Potli is an Affordable Eatery Vey Close to Ravenscourt Park - Amazing Curry Houses London

Polti, which opened in 2011, is another one of the great Indian restaurants in London that is more true to the type of food you get in India in terms of spiciness. They have a more down-to-earth décor, and you feel like you are in a high class in Mumbai. The food here is simply amazing, and prices are relatively affordable. If you ever want to give them a visit, make sure to try their lamb curry, chili, and butter chicken dishes. Also, if you go there at noon, you will get very good lunch deals. The address for Polti is 319 King Street, just at the corner of Ravenscourt Park, easily accessible by bus or subway.


Some of the Best Curry Houses London Has to Offer

Most of the nicest curry houses London has to Offer are near East London neighborhoods. It is because the majority of Indian subcontinent immigrants reside there, and the flavors are more true to what you expect to get from Indian dishes. Also, you can compare their prices and seek the best value-for-money eateries in there.

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