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Best Attractions in Athens



Best Attractions in Athens

Athens is a busy city with a lot of choices to like about. Here’s a few sights, places as well as activities that makes your Athenian experience memorable.



The New Acropolis Museum

Bcest Attractions in Athens

This museum is in operation since 2009 after years of anticipation, with its modern architecture in total harmony with the classical world it houses.This is one of the best museums in the world offering a unique historic and cultural experience and a glimpse at ancient Greece at its peak.


National Garden

Best Attractions in Athens

You will find this unique public park in Syntagma Square near the Greek Parliament. The first name of this park is “Royal Garden” and Queen Amalia opened its doors to the public. This park is open all day long allowing you to walk around for hours. Also, in here you will see a small zoo, a playground as well as a café.



Best Attractions in Athens

Plaka streets are one of the best places for your evening stroll. You can see the beauty of Athens’ old city and it’s past through here. While walking, you will pass from the first university of Greece, an Ottoman bathhouse as well as orthodox churches.


Marina Flisvos

Best Attractions in Athens

This place is close to south of Athens and is a wonderful place for a walk or enjoy the magical sunset and the view of the marina. This romantic place has a wide range of activities, a few restaurants as well as cafés and shops for you

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