Best Attractions in Moscow

Best attractions in Moscow

Famous Attractions in Moscow

One of the must-see cities in Russia is Moscow, and as a tourist, you can get to know the best attractions in Moscow and where Moscow tourist attractions are from this article. In this beautiful city, you will find many attractions to choose from, ranging from structures to some fun activities. Moscow can be a very cold place in wintertime. Therefore, it is advised to travel to Moscow to observe its various attractions during the summertime.

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The Moscow Kremlin Historical Complex

Best Attractions in Moscow - The Moscow Kremlin is The Residence of The President

The Moscow Kremlin is the residence of the President and is an ancient building. The history of this part is so rich that even visitors can find out in a few days. For generations, the region has hosted Russian rulers and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, but more than two-thirds of the Moscow Kremlin is closed to the public. Fortunately, the remaining one-third provides many attractions, such as palaces, churches, museums, squares, bell towers, and old artifacts.


Red Square near GUM Shopping Mall

Red Square Moscow is An Ancient And Big Square - Best Attractions in Moscow

The Red Square, like the city of Moscow, is ancient and big and is surrounded by different architectural styles from different eras. The Kremlin is one of the most famous Moscow tourist attractions located in the western part of the red square, the History Museum in the north, the beautiful GUM store and department in the east, and St. Basil’s Cathedral in the south. All of these symbols represent Moscow as a cultural, political, historical, and commercial center.


Seven Sisters a Group of Tall Skyscrapers

Travel Guide Russia - Seven Sisters are A Group of Seven Towers Close to Each Other

When you are driving in the streets of Moscow, you can’t ignore the different buildings in it. This seven sisters buildings are one of the most beautiful and attractive attractions in Moscow that has been built after the war. They are a group of seven towers that are close to each other, and you can get a bot tour to visit them from the river.


Moscow Metro With Beautiful Architecture

Best Attractions in Moscow - Moscow Metro is The Subway Station With Beautiful Murals

If you understand the subway system is crowded and dirty, you will change your mind when visiting the Moscow metro. It will definitely be interesting for you to know why the Subway is one attractive and spectacular building. Russia’s subway is not like other subways and can be an attractive tourist destination for people. Large arched ceilings, luxurious chandeliers, marble columns, beautiful sculptures, vivid murals, and elaborate mosaics are all visible in Russian Metro.


Moscow State University near Vorob’yevy gory Park

Moscow State University Was Founded in 1755 - Moscow Tourist Attractions Guide

Moscow State University was founded in 1755, and you can find it in Sparrow Hills near the Moscow River. It is the oldest university in the country and one of the cultural attractions in Moscow. The new building was completed between 1949 and 1953. The largest part of the university has 36 floors, and is 194 meters high. This building is a symbol of Russia’s knowledge and science.


Gorky Central Park of Culture and Leisure

Moscow Tourist Attractions Guide - Gorky Central Park of Culture and Leisure is Good to Spend Time There And Relax

Gorky central park is one of those Moscow tourist attractions that is good to spend time there and relax for a while. It was opened in 1928 in the Soviet Union with playgrounds, sports stadiums, an exhibition hall, and attractions for children. During the transition period after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the focus was on economic and trade activities. Today, the concept of this area has changed, and Gorky Park is a recreational area in modern Moscow.


Cathedral of Christ the Saviour near Kropotkinskaya Subway Station

Cathedral of Christ the Saviour is Historical And Cultural Part of Russia - Moscow Tourist Attractions Guide

If you want to see the religious, historical, and cultural part of Russia, then you need to take a closer look at the holiest and most controversial building in the area, which has a beautiful view. The Cathedral of Christ the Saviour is worth a visit because of its beautiful symbols. It is located near Kropotkinskaya Subway Station.


Bolshoi Theater located North of The Kremlin

Moscow Tourist Attractions Guide - Bolshoi Theater is A Good Place For Cultural Enthusiasts

With its spectacular productions of some of the greatest composers in history, the Bolshoi Theater is one of the attractions in Moscow. Also, it is a must-visit as well for cultural enthusiasts. The main stage of the building has been reopened after six years of reconstruction and is available to the public. Its white building is located in the heart of the city, north of the Kremlin.


Market in Izmailovo for Buying Cheap Goods

Market in Izmailovo is A Suitable Place For Buying Cheap Goods - Travel Guide Russia

Izmailovo is an art market and one of the top attractions in Moscow for buying cheap goods. Also, it is where buyer purchase paintings, handicrafts, souvenirs, and more are sold. Also, it is the largest flea market in Moscow; it begins to the left of the central entrance to the Kremlin and stretches out in endless rows. Moreover, you can find second-hand works and old objects in this market.


All-Russian Exhibition Center for Exhibitions

Travel Guide Russia - All-Russian Exhibition Center Has More Than 150 Exhibitions

The All-Russian Exhibition Center is one of the most beautiful attractions in Moscow. It has more than 150 exhibitions a year and hosts 15 million visitors from around the world. This section occupies about 2375,000 square meters of surrounding land, and it is a place for an exhibition of many statues and artworks. The building was first established in 1939 and then rebuilt in 1954.

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