Best Beaches in Protaras

Best Beaches in Protaras

Famous Beaches in Protaras

Cyprus is a tourist island with many recreational attractions. One of the popular recreational areas in Cyprus is beaches in Protaras. Furthermore, Protaras beaches are sometimes become crowded and people flock to these fantastic locations in summer.

As for the weather, the lack of wind, subtropical climate and unique coolness makes this area favorable almost all year round. Here, during the winter months, the tourist activities are not very encouraged, but this does not prevent travelers from visiting at this time of the year.

In spring, the swimming season starts at the end of March. Therefore, you should definitely come in April when the spring flowering begins. The city, surrounded by all kinds of flowers and fig trees, will give you an unforgettable holiday in this great resort town.


Fig Tree Bay The Most Famous Coastline

Best Beaches in Protaras - Fig Tree Bay Has Clear Water And Turquoise Color Sea

The beach of Fig Tree Bay is considered as one of the best and most beautiful beaches in Protaras. It got its unusual name because of the huge fig tree that grows on the beach. Both tourists and locals prefer to spend time here. This is the best beach for families with small children as well. The scenery here is calm, the water is clear and its turquoise color will guarantee to give you a scene to remember.

The sand in Fig Tree Bay is fine, golden and more importantly without stones in it. There is also a hiking trail from all Protaras beaches for those who want to walk or jog along the beach. Also, there are many activities to do around the bay: sailing, jet skiing, playing beach. Interestingly, the beach is suitable for families with children.


Sunprime Protaras Beach located Southeast of The Resort

Best Beaches in Protaras - Sunprime Protaras Beach is A Special And Pleasant Relaxation Location

This beach is located in the southeast of the island of Cyprus in the city of Famagusta, which is the largest beautiful beaches in Protaras. Sunprime Protaras Beach is also known among the locals as one of the places locals will go to take a sun bath. This beach is often suitable as a special and pleasant relaxation location. Therefore, if you are looking for a relaxing place to spend hours doing sunbathe, this beach is the best place.

On the other parts of the beach, people go for some water sports, swimming and other beach activities. In another part of the beach, blue chairs and beds are arranged in a way so that you can easily relax on them and enjoy the beautiful and unique view of the sea.


Nisia Loumbardi Beach near The Cavo Maris Hotel

Nisia Loumbardi Beach is Located near The Cavo Maris Hotel Suitable for Divers

The Nisia Loumbardi Beach near Cavo Maris Hotel is a good location for divers. If you are careful while diving, you can see octopuses as well as other interesting sea creatures. Also, there are copies of the statues of Apollo and Aphrodite at the bottom of the bay here.


Vrissiana Beach near The Sunrise Beach

Best Beaches in Protaras - Vrissiana Beach is Near the Sunrise Beach And Good For Weddings

Vrissiana beach hotel is near the sunrise beach. Also, this place will give you fantastic view from one of the best beaches in beaches in Protaras. This resort provides amazing amenities like sunbeds and beautiful palm trees. Also, you can plan to have your weddings in here too. Another positive thing about this place is that if you stay here you get to enjoy nice sunsets, full amenities and a good bar service.

In fact, the bar here is called C-view bar guaranteeing a beautiful view of the sea while offering some of the best cocktails and liquor in town. There are also pools designed for both adults and children for those occasions that you do not want to get your feet dirty and just want to have a dip.

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