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Best Cafes in Bratislava



Cafes in Bratislava Old Town

Cafes in Bratislava Old Town

There are many specialty cafes in Bratislava appearing in the oldtown area because of the influence of the existing cafe culture of the nearby city of Vienna. After the end of the communist era, the people’s renewed passion for quality coffee in Slovakia spawned a wave of upscale, modernist, classic, and friendly cafes in Bratislava. The coffee shops, nowadays, are where youngsters go for meet-ups or to have delicious desserts like croissants and cakes, as well as local food in Bratislava.



Urban House near Slovak National Theater

Urban House is located near Slovak National Theater with Amazing Vibe and Interior Design

Urban House has been built in a great location in the old city, near Slovak National Theater, and provides its customers with a more diverse food menu in a cozy atmosphere for a meeting or work purposes. Urban House also has an upstairs bar, a late-night DJ booth, and some of the best drinks in town. This is one of those cafes in Bratislava where you can spend your entire day in Bratislava eating, drinking, and enjoying yourself.



Kormuth Confectionery (Cukráreň Konditorei Kormuth)

Cafes in Bratislava Old Town - Kormuth Confectionery Also Known as Cukráreň Konditorei Kormuth)

Perhaps the most famous cafe in Bratislava would be Kormuth Confectionery which is along Sedlárska Avenue. When you step into this old bakery, you feel like you have traveled to the past. The main feature of Kormuth Konditorei Cafe is the magical feeling inside, with a showcase full of tempting sweets. If the atmosphere of a place is important to you, then stop by this cafe for a cup of coffee, a cake, or an ice cream.



Five Points Bistro next to Hviezdoslavovo námestie Park

Five Points Bistro is Found next to Hviezdoslavovo Námestie Park

With its large open windows, industrial design, and plenty of seating, Five Points Cafe may look like a large coffee shop. In fact, Five Points is a local business dedicated to serving the best coffee. In addition to coffee, you can also order a fried egg with meat and sausage for breakfast or a delicious sandwich for lunch. The location of Five Points Bistro is Panská 23, very close to the Hviezdoslavovo námestie Park.



Foxford Along The Obchodná Street

Foxford is Located Along The Obchodná Street and is Botha Coffee Shop and Bookstore

Foxford is one of the best cafes in Bratislava to choose from for work or study in this city. This cafe has a large space with several large tables and high-speed internet. The Ford Focus has two floors, and best of all, its raspberry brownie cheesecakes to munch on while you study or work. The Foxford coffee shop is also a bookstore, so if you forget to bring something to read on vacation, you’ll be sure to find a book in Focus Ford’s vast library.
Overall, this place is a good spot if you want a calm environment to work with your laptop or read a book peacefully. You can find this cafe at the Poštová tram stop on Obchodná Street.


Mondieu Bistro close to St. Martin’s Cathedral

Cafes in Bratislava Old Town - Mondieu Bistro is Close to St. Martin's Cathedral

Mondieu has been a great introduction to the more luxurious café scene of the city, with more offerings based on the French café culture as well as more elaborate drinks, which are both picture worthy and equally delicious. This is a great spot to hang out, especially at night, since the interior lights up, and you can see the entire bistro where people are enjoying their drinks and multiple deliciously made desserts and eats. There are multiple branches throughout the city, but the old town area shops are at Hlavné námestie Street and Panská, which is close to St. Martin’s Cathedral.



Caffe 2002 near Michael’s Gate

Caffe 2002 is Located near Michael's Gate and Has a Beautiful Décor and Outdoor Setting

Caffe 2002 is located near Michael’s Gate and has been in this neighborhood for a long time. With magnificent interior design resembling the old times, this is a great spot to have a romantic meeting or enjoy a good quality brunch. Also, the outdoor setting is designed in a way that you can enjoy the surrounding urban movements if the indoor dining area is full.

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