Best Cafes in Marseille

Best Cafes in Marseille

Top Cafes in Marseille

The best time to visit Marseille in France would be in summer or Spring when the cafes in Marseille bring to life the best memories in you and offer you some of the best hot and cold drinks there are. Some of these cafes are becoming favorite spots for artists and socialites alike, where they gather to share their idea, But travelers and tourists will still enjoy the interior there without being distracted by the presence of the local entrepreneurs.


7VB Café in The Le Panier

Best Cafes in Marseille - 7VB Café is in The Le Panier Very Close to The Old Port of Marseille

If you want a cozy place to just sit near the Old Port or enjoy some quality long black coffee and see the view of the amazing Le Panier Neighborhood, then 7VB Café is the place to be. The interior here is designed to bring customers a peaceful place for working and studying because of the existing plants, wooden tables, and decorative shelves. Home-made pastries, especially cinnamon rolls, are good desserts you can order to accompany your coffee. The brunch prices are very fair and are of high quality, similar to their specialty and normal coffees.


Coogee Close to Baille Subway Station

Coogee is in Close Distance to The Baille Subway Station for Chai Tea and Smoothies

Coogee is another one of the nicer cafes in Marseille, which is located very close to Baille subway station on building number 100 on the street with the same subway name. The coffee here is very cheap, the interior is very beautiful, and they are well-known for their brunch, especially their muffins. Other than cold and hot coffee, you can also try their chai tea or smoothies.



Bernie Coffee in The Préfecture

Bernie Coffee Offers Great Place to Seat in The Préfecture District - Top Cafes in Marseille

Bernie Coffee is a spot between a cozy coffee shop and a vegetarian restaurant in the heart of Marseille in the Préfecture. No matter the time of the year, this ideally located place of relaxation is set to be a real place for exchanging ideas, formal gatherings, and enjoying French delicacies.
Among the most popular specialties to refresh and surprise your palate, we recommend the fizzy Cold brew, the coconut chocolate shake or the jasmine peach tea shake, of which only Bernie’s team has the secret.
Some of the desserts you can have here include French toast in brioche style, the Chia Bowl with fresh fruit as well as the various lunch dishes, which come with lactose-free, gluten-free & vegan options.
There are daily homemade pastries like carrot cake, brownies, and cookies. Let’s not forget the main start of the menu, their gourmet coffee. The Bernie Coffee is between the Estrangin and Notre-Dame du Mont subway stations.



Ca Phe S – Vietnamese Coffee near Opéra de Marseille

Ca Phe S - is a Vietnamese Coffee Located near The Opéra de Marseille

This is one of the handfuls of Vietnamese-style cafes in Marseille coffee shop, where Opéra de Marseille visitors can stop by for a cup of coffee and some delicious Asian pastries. With a block of iced milk in the middle of the cup or even mixed with a creamy egg-based preparation, Vietnamese-style coffee could make you change your mind about the way you have previously consumed coffee. The location of Ca Phe S is in the junction of Rue Sainte and Rue Bretueil, close to the Estrangin station.


La Brûlerie MÖKA in the Camas Neighborhood

La Brûlerie MÖKA in the Camas Neighborhood with in-House Roasted Coffee Beans

La Brûlerie MÖKA is the Camas neighborhood café of choice, where many locals gather for a nice chat. With high-quality coffee roasted in-house coffee, there is no better cafe in Marseille to enjoy this black style of coffee. Even though coffee is the first item that captures your eyes when entering this great establishment, iced teas and other lattes are available for customers to order. The space on the inside is a bit small, but there are a couple of chairs for customers to sit in and enjoy the vintage-style view of the interior. Réformés Canebière would be the closest station to this cafe.


Deep next to The Vieux Port

Deep Roasted Coffee is Located next to The Vieux Port Station with Traditional Black Coffee Servings

Deep Coffee, located near the Vieux Port, is a bit like the corner of vintage hipsters and artistic individuals. Like many new cafes in Marseille, this offers its own coffee, vegan pastries, photos, art, and fashion books. The general feel here is like being in a New York alley while you can expect the excitement of the Old Port at the end of the street.


Café EMKIPOP in Vauban

Café EMKIPOP is located near Basilique Notre-Dame de la Garde in Vauban

Café Emkipop is the spot for cold coffee creations for sure. In fact, at Café Emkipop, you are offered hot drinks that are, let’s say, more out of the ordinary. Even the classic hot chocolate becomes more elaborate thanks to the iced chocolate sticks to melt in your milk.

This is one of those accessible cafes in Marseille, where you are within walking distance of many nice areas in the city. Near the Opéra de Marseille, you can even walk to Basilique Notre-Dame de la Garde, one of the many things to do in Marseille, from here after your amazing coffee.

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