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Best of Verona Cafes



Best of Verona Cafes

Top Verona Cafes with Specialty Coffee

If you are traveling to Verona or “the city of love,” you must visit some of the Verona cafes and coffee shops scattered all over this small town. Eating delicious bread and cakes and great coffee and cappuccino in these cafes will make your trip different.

Coffee drinking culture is vital for Italian people. One of the cities that introduced the culture of drinking coffee to the people of Italy for the first time is the city of Verona. There are many traditional cafes and coffee shops in this city. You can sit in these cafes and converse with the locals, order coffee and breakfast, and drink it behind the counter.

If you travel to Verona, attend the classic Italian breakfast. The traditional Italian breakfast includes a cup of hot cappuccino and a fresh croissant. Next, you will learn about the best coffee shops and Verona cafes.


Pasticceria Barini near the Gran Guardia Palace

Best of Verona Cafes - Pasticceria Barini is Located near the Gran Guardia Palace

Pasticceria Barini is the name of a small bakery cafe. What catches your attention in the first place is the attractive window of this cafe. Delicious sweets covered with powdered sugar, chocolate cakes, and fruit tarts tempt you to visit this cafe.

During the morning, this cafe is full of locals standing in front of the counter and eating breakfast. Furthermore, Pasticceria Barini is an ideal cafe for a quick snack or breakfast for those visiting the famous Gran Guardia Palace. You can find this cafe along the Corso Porta Nuova Street, right after the “I Portoni della Brà” landmark.


Café Carducci near the Giusti Garden

 Café Carducci is a Family Run Business Located near the Giusti Garden

This cafe is a family-run business whose ownership has existed for four generations since 1928. The location of Café Carducci is a short distance from the Giusti Garden in the Ponte Novo neighborhood. The owners’ main concerns here are serving delicious food and quality drinks and hospitality to customers.

You can eat fresh and first-class bread and cakes in this cafe in the morning. For appetizers and dinners, you can order a variety of cheeses and meat or salami. Carducci Cafe will satisfy you if you want to eat at this cafe. On this cafe’s menu, you can taste the traditional dishes of Verona, which the chefs prepare with the freshest seasonal ingredients.


L’Attimo Caffe’ Di Fornasa Rodolfo

L'Attimo Caffe' Di Fornasa Rodolfo Suitable for Students and Budget Travelers

L’Attimo Caffe is one of the popular Verona cafes. This cafe is an ideal place for a quick breakfast or snack on the go due to being in a famous university area. Customers of Latimo Cafe are primarily locals and students. If you want to learn more about the mood of everyday life in Verona, choose one of the tables outside the cafe to sit. This coffee shop is next to the “Museo di Storia Naturale,” along the Lungadige Porta Vittoria road.


Tosca Cafe Verona near the Casa di Giulietta

Tosca Cafe Verona near the Casa di Giulietta with a Fantastic Wine Selection

Tosca Cafe is located in a small square near Ponte Nuono, in the city’s historic heart, near the Casa di Giulietta or the Juliet’s House Museum. Here is one of the ideal Verona cafes for relaxing and drinking wine. The prices of food and desserts in this cafe are very reasonable, and high-quality drinks are available to customers.


Caffè Borsari near the Piazza delle Erbe

Caffè Borsari is One of Oldest Cafes in Verona Located near the Piazza delle Erbe

Caffè Borsari is one of the oldest Verona cafes. Here is a small coffee house & bakery with a history of 60 years which is nearby the Piazza delle Erbe or Market’s Square. As soon as you enter this cafe, you will notice its history. Old counters and colorful teapots have given a unique charm to this cafe. The space of this cafe is small and has limited tables.

However, customers still try to order hot chocolates, delicious cappuccinos, and freshly baked croissants from here. Caffè Borsari is very popular among tourists and locals. Considering the lovely atmosphere and varied menu, this popularity is not without reason.


Chocolat in the Borgo Milano Neighborhood

Chocolat in Found the Borgo Milano Neighborhood - Verona Cafes with Specialty Coffee

ISuppose you are looking for a charming cafe with an intimate and friendly atmosphere. In that case, Cafè La Ciacola is undoubtedly one of the best Verona cafes. Interestingly, this cafe often regularly hosts interesting concerts by local artists.

You can go to the Chocolat café for a meal or have your evening meal there. Maybe you want to sit with your friends and talk while drinking a drink or coffee. If you visit this cafe, don’t miss the classic Veneto snack bar. A tramezzino is a triangular white bread sandwich filled with various foods, from shrimp to grilled vegetables. Moreover, the Chocolat coffee shop is in the Borgo Milano neighborhood on the side of Milano Roundabout.

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