Best Parks in Prague

Best Parks in Prague

Beautiful Gardens and Parks in Prague

Many of the gardens and parks in Prague are located both inside the city premises and some even outside the city. The historical beauty of Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, not only displays the magnificent medieval architecture and interesting modern sculptures, but also has green, beautiful and relaxing parks where tourists can enjoy the extraordinary nature of Prague.



Kampa Park on Kampa Island

Kampa Park is located on Kampa Island Along the Čertovka Water Channel

One of the best parks in Prague for resting and getting away from the city’s noise and bustle is Kampa Park. The city is divided from this park’s location by a mill and the Čertovka water channel, which is an artificial island. The Charles Bridge is quite popular with frequent travelers and is farther away. The odd and slightly frightful statues of massive, faceless children walking on all fours are one of this park’s unique attractions. David “ern” created and created these sculptures. Other characteristics of Kampa Park include the Vltava River, cafes, and tranquil vegetation.


Waldstein Gardens in Malá Strana District

Baroque Gardens in Prague - Waldstein Gardens in Malá Strana District with Beautiful Flowers All-Year-Round

The Malá Strana district is home to the Wallenstein Palace’s grounds. The Baroque Wallenstein Palace in Prague, which currently houses the Czech Senate, owns these grounds. After seeing the palace and other nearby historical sites, this garden is the perfect spot to rest and relax. Visitors may view vibrant flowers, ponds filled with koi fish, and a maze of green hedges in these gardens in Prague since they will be covered throughout the years.

Artificial caves and roaming peacocks are two more attractions of the Wallenstein Palace Gardens. If you like this type of architecture, other impressive castles in Prague are scattered around the city representing the evolution of the Monarchy in the Czech Republic.


Letna Park in the Old Town Area

Letna Park is Found in the Old Town Area with Beautiful City and River View from its Terrace- Parks in Prague

On a hill overlooking a river that flows through Prague’s Old Town sits Letna Park. One of the most breathtaking panoramic views of parks in Prague may be seen from Letna’s terrace. Additionally, this park is regarded as a perfect location for friendly and social events due to its excellent cleanliness and well-maintained green area. Letna Park frequently hosts various events, including food and drink festivals. Another aspect of this lovely park is positioning the benches and picnic tables so they face the city.


The Vrtba Garden on Petřín Hill

The Vrtba Garden is Located on Petřín Hill In front of St. Nicholas Church- Gardens in Prague

One of the most magnificent gardens in Prague is Vrtba Garden, a stunning park constructed in the Baroque style on the Petřín Hill. In front of St. Nicholas Church, this garden is situated not far from the city’s core. The topmost terrace in Vrtba Garden, which includes numerous terraces, provides a stunning panoramic view of the city. For individuals who enjoy art, this garden is the perfect location. Visitors can observe birds like peacocks that frolic freely in the lush surroundings of the garden in one of its quiet corners. Visitors can unwind in the peaceful environment created by the garden’s geometrically arranged hedges and a tiny fountain with lotus flowers floating on the water.


Vyšehrad Park near the Vltava River

Vyšehrad Park is near the Bans of the Vltava River and Czech Republic National Cemetery with Very Interesting Sculptures on its Grounds

Vyšehrad Park is another one of the great parks in Prague. According to its name, this park is situated in Vysehrad Castle, whose high walls provide a stunning perspective of the city. Even though this garden is entirely secure, you can nevertheless sense a earlier era in its original ambiance. Vyehrad Park resembles the fairy world parks. The park is next to the famous St. Peter church, the Czech Republic National Cemetery, and on the east bank of the Vltava River. You can get a lovely view of the Vltava River from this park. Take advantage of Vyehrad Park’s charming eateries if you go there during the evening time.

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