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Best Places to Eat in Kayseri



Best Places to Eat in Kayseri

Kayseri is a large city in Anatolia of Turkey. As a result, this city has a lot of places to eat in which there is a list to get you going there faster.



Gubate Restaurant ve Kahvalti Evi

Best Places to Eat in Kayseri

Gubate Restaurant is the best representatives of the Circassian cuisine in Kayseri. The breakfast here also is one of a kind.


Elmacioglu Iskender

Best Places to Eat in Kayseri

The soup here is wonderful. Also, the grilled meat is another favorite. Moreover, the star of the menu here is local iskerder which is truly good.

Moreover, after enjoying your food in Kayseri, you can try other cities attractions such as Beautiful Parks in Istanbul that represents Turkey even in more details. These parks are good for a stroll.


Saray Ciftligi Kahvalti ve Yemekevi

Best Places to Eat in Kayseri

This first floor family restaurant is a nice find for tourists. Their decoration as well as their service is good. Also, you will have an English menu there. Moreover, the food in this restaurant is of a high standard and they offer many of local dishes.

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