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Best Restaurants To Get Brunch in Vienna



Best Restaurants To Get Brunch in Vienna

Best Places for Brunch in Vienna

Vienna food comes as healthy and delicious, especially their small meals. In this article, we take a look at the best places for brunch in Vienna, offering healthy suppers to travelers. Austria has a word for brunch, Jause, which means a mid-afternoon meal. Here are the places in Vienna to get some bite and afternoon brunch.



Das Augustin near Schweglerstraße Subway Station

Best Restaurants to Get Brunch in Vienna - Das Augustin Has A Homey Feel to It

Das Augustin is truly one of the best restaurants to get brunch in Vienna. This cafe has a homey feel to it. The atmosphere is relaxing, and there are armchairs that you can sink into while you enjoy your brunch and other Vienna food. It is good to know that Das Augustin cafe is located very close to Cafe Z, mentioned in this list, and a short distance away from the Schweglerstraße subway station on Märzstraße Street.


Figar located in The Center of The City

Austria Travel Tips - Figar is Famous With The Younger Generation

Figar offers Vienna food at its highest level. This restaurant is famous among the younger generation. They serve brunches and many casual dishes like bao buns, burger wraps, and salads. The most famous menu items here are the avocado and a poached egg dish, but many of their menu items are still delicious and worth a try. Also, Figar is located in the center of The city, a short walk away from the Neubaugasse subway station on Kirchengasse Street.


Die Wäscherei with a Buffet Style Kitchen

Vienna Food - Die Wäscherei is Serving All-Day Brunches On The Weekends

This place is both a cocktail bar as well as a restaurant. Die Wäscherei is one of the restaurants in Vienna where you can go for vegan dishes. They are serving all-day brunches on weekends. It is the best place to stop after seeing the sights. Also, you can get comfortable in its garden and relax there during Summer times. This restaurant is located near the Florianigasse tram stop or Josefstädter Straße subway station on Albertgasse Street.


Cafe Do-An inside The Naschmarkt

Vienna Food - Cafe Do-An Provides A Wide Variety of Burgers And Sandwiches

Cafe Do-An is a famous place and one of the best restaurants to get brunch in Vienna in terms of quality and quantity. Here, a wide variety of burgers, salads, and sandwiches are offered. If you see this cafe full, other brunch spots exist in the area. Moreover, Cafe Do-An is located inside the Naschmarkt, accessible via Kettenbrückengasse subway station.


Café Z located near Johnstraße Station

Austria Travel Tips - Café Z Has A Vintage Style Offering Sweet & Savory Pancakes

Cafe Z offers tasty Vienna food as well as coffee and pancakes. You can find it inside Vienna’s 15th district. Having friendly staff and a unique interior make this vintage-style cafe a must-visit. Here, you can order both sweet & savory pancakes, like spinach & cheese, as well as jam-filled ones. To get to Café Z, stop at Johnstraße Station, walk on Meiselstraße street towards Selzergasse and then turn to Meiselstraße street.


Liebling near The Mariahilfer Strasse near The Neubaugasse Station

Liebling is Found near The Mariahilfer Strasse near The Neubaugasse Station

The Liebling is not a meeting point for people who wear suits or ties. Here, the vibe is mostly bohemian and artistic. On sunny days, you can also sit in the small sidewalk café in front of the restaurant. This café is only a few steps away from Mariahilfer Strasse, Vienna’s premier shopping street. The brunch menu has bacon sandwiches and sweets.


Hotel Daniel Vienna located Opposite The Swiss Garden

Hotel Daniel is located Opposite The Swiss Garden for Some of Teh Best Brunch in Vienna

The Hotel Daniel’s bakery has some of the best offers for breakfast and brunch in Vienna. From juice to muesli to cheese, everything is there. Outside of breakfast hours, there are snacks, a lunch menu, sweets from the cake display case, and international delicacies in the evening. Travelers can find Hotel Daniel right opposite the Swiss Garden, accessible from the Central Station.

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