One of the attractions of traveling to Antalya is its shopping centers and markets. Here you can check out some of the best shopping centers in Antalya. The tourist attraction of Antalya and the large volume of travelers traveling to the city every year have enabled numerous large shopping malls to operate in different parts of the city so that travelers can tailor their budget to variety of goods available.


Terra City Shopping Center

Antalya Shopping - Terra City Shopping Center Has Many Restaurants And Cafeterias For Customers

Terra City is a suitable place for Antalya shopping. Also, it is one of the best shopping malls in Antalya with 150 stores including Turkish and international brands. If you are residing in Antalya Hotel, then you will have an easy access to this shopping center. In addition to the various stores located in the mall, including clothing stores, ornaments, bags and shoes, home appliances, sports and children’s stores. Also, there are approximately 30 restaurants and cafeterias ready to serve customers here.

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Markantalya Shopping Center

Travel Guide Turkey - Markantalya Shopping Center is Easily Accessible to Downtown

The Markantalya Shopping Mall, which opened in downtown Antalya in year 2013, is one of the most popular and largest modern shopping malls in the city. The shopping center, which is about 51,000 square meters in size, has a large parking for shoppers to visit here with ease. There are Turkish brands as well as international brands in this shopping center, and with any budget and taste you will surely not be living here empty-handed. If you are staying in Antalya Downtown Hotels, this shopping center is easily accessible. The Markantalya mall has a number of restaurants and cafeterias that you can enjoy and relax in there.


Deepo Outlet Center

Antalya Shopping - Deepo Outlet Center is A Familiar Name Within Tourist Community

Deepo Outlet Center is a familiar name for Antalya shopping within the tourist community. This mall is serving customers since year 2004. The mall has 4 shops, most of which are Turkish and international famous outlet stores, and you can buy your goods at reasonable prices from the shops and stores in this mall. The Deepo Outlet Center is located near the Antalya Airport and it is considered one of the best Antalya Shopping Centers which is therefore very popular with travelers, and usually tourists traveling to Antalya will definitely visit here. The shopping center has 15 restaurants and a cafeteria for those interested in using them.


Mall of Antalya

Travel Guide Turkey - Mall of Antalya Has A Large Children's Play Area Offering Foreign Brands

It is the largest and newest shopping mall which was opened in April 2017. The Mall of Antalya has been constructed on a plot of land of 131,000 square meters and has 234 shops. These stores include both Turkish and foreign brands. Mall of Antalya has a large children’s play area where families can play with their children when shopping and make their own shopping safely. It also has a large cinema with 11 separate halls and featuring the best movies in the world.


Antalya Migros Shopping Center

Antalya Shopping - Antalya Migros Shopping Center is Suitable For Those Staying in Konya Region

Antalya Migros Shopping Center is the oldest modern Antalya shopping mall in the city. Travelers who have traveled to Antalya, are sure to remember this shopping center, which is located in an area of 50,000 square meters in downtown Antalya. Today, despite the numerous luxury shopping centers available in Antalya, Migros shopping center is still one of the city’s good malls and many tourists and visitors. It is especially good for those staying in Konya region, who are shopping here.

The city of Antalya has a lot to offer other than beaches and shopping malls. For more information you can check out Antalya’s travel options and attractions as well.