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Best Unique Souvenirs to Get in Georgia



Best Unique Souvenirs to Get in Georgia

In Georgia, you will see a lot of handmade items with reasonable price tag. There are a few artisan shops in Tbilisi where you can get unique souvenirs to bring home. If you want traditional items you should try buying souvenirs from the street vendors. Therefore, here are a few souvenir items to buy in Georgia.



Traditional Blue & Modern Tablecloth

Best Unique Souvenirs to Get in Georgia

The traditional Georgian tablecloth is comes with birds, deer as well as other figures. This cloth is the major part of the local culture for many years. The Georgian cloth is superior among the Russian and European counterparts. Hardly anybody used to use these tablecloths, however they re-emerged on the market a a few years back. Also, they have the modern variation with different colors for your liking.


Enamel Jewelry

Best Unique Souvenirs to Get in Georgia

Enamel is a mixture of melted glass and metals like silver, copper as well as gold. In Georgia, the refining of this technique was from the 8th century to the end of the 15th century. Ornament enamel art gallery offers pieces from the most skillful jewelers as well as enamel artists of Georgia.

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