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Best Unique Souvenirs to Get in Georgia



Best Unique Souvenirs to Get in Georgia

Best Souvenirs in Georgia Country

In Georgia, you will see a lot of handmade items at reasonable prices. There are a few artisan shops in Tbilisi where you can get souvenirs in Georgia to bring home. If you want traditional items, you should try buying souvenirs from the street vendors. Therefore, here are a few souvenir items to buy in Georgia.



Traditional Blue & Modern Tablecloth

Best of Souvenirs in Georgia - Traditional Blue & Modern Tablecloth Are Major Part of The Local Culture

The traditional Georgian tablecloth comes with birds, deer, as well as other figures. This cloth has been a major part of the local culture for many years and has become one of the best souvenirs in Georgia that you can get for your friends. The Georgian cloth is superior to the Russian and European counterparts. Hardly anybody used to use these tablecloths; however, they re-emerged on the market a few years back. Also, they have a modern variation with different colors for your liking.


Enamel Jewelry

Souvenirs in Georgia - Enamel Jewelry is Made From Melted Glass And Metals

Enamel Jewelry is another one of the souvenirs in Georgia that is actually a beautiful piece of art. In fact, Enamel is a mixture of melted glass and metals like silver, copper, as well as gold. In Georgia, the refining of this technique was from the 8th century to the end of the 15th century. Ornament Enamel Art Gallery offers pieces from the most skillful jewelers as well as enamel artists in Georgia.

On a side note, in order to find some of the best souvenirs in Georgia, you need to travel around. During your exploration, you will come across many places that not only offer good artifacts but have beautiful views. In fact, the best places for adventure in Georgia are some of the places that you have not even heard of before since this country is still a mystery to many foreigners. Therefore, make sure to explore all parts of the country to get to know the local culture.


Churchkhela Candied Sweets

Churchkhela are Candied Sweets Which You See Them Hanging from Shops And Are Colorful

Among the most famous souvenirs in Georgia are dried fruits and snacks that are based on fruit, but among them, Chuchokhla is one of the most famous. The most popular dessert in Georgia is actually candies in the shape of sausages, and sometimes bright edible colors are added to them.

Chorchokhla is one of the Georgian desserts and snacks that has many fans in many other countries. Basically, chorchokhla is made with a special recipe. A mixture of walnuts, almonds, and nuts is used to cook this dish, and at the end, it is covered with fruit juice and left to dry.


Imeruli Traditional Georgian Cheese

Imeruli is The Traditional Georgian Cheese Made from Cows Milk

The special taste of this traditional cheese is just like no other cheese. The method of producing traditional cheeses in Georgia has a very long history, and almost every tourist who travels to this country has undoubtedly tasted the taste of this cheese. You can get this cheese from Georgian stores and markets. Of course, if you want to buy the best type of cheese, visit special cheese shops all over Georgia. Most Georgians recommend smoked cheeses with a long shelf life to foreign travelers.


Jet (Gagat) Gemstone Made of Black Stones

Jet (Gagat) Gemstone is Made of Black Stones and is Used for Bracelets and Necklaces

Jet (Gagat) Gemstone stone is one of those souvenirs that has a special and high place in the hearts of Georgians and is also abundantly seen in traditional decorative items of Georgia. Its black color is truly captivating and will go very well as bracelets or necklaces.


Drinking Horn (Kantsi) A Truly Prized Souvenir

Drinking Horn (Kantsi) is A Truly Prized Souvenir - Best Souvenirs in Georgia Country

Buying souvenirs sometimes becomes boring and not really enjoyable for you, but if you are looking for that special and unique gift from each country you travel to, the finding journey becomes attractive, and the most different souvenir of Georgia is the Kantsi drinking horn, which is one of the most interesting items here. Also, Kantsi is considered the most luxurious souvenir of this land, which is unique in its kind, and this cup, which is mostly decorative, is made from cow, goat, or buffalo horn. In some cases, silver or gold is attached to it, which increases its beauty manifold.

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