Europe’s 7 Best Christmas Markets

Europe's 7 Best Christmas Markets

Europe’s 7 Best Christmas Markets

Europe’s 7 Best Christmas Markets – Nothing compares to the peaceful and happy atmosphere at some of the most iconic Christmas markets in European continent. There are many unique activities belonging to each market that makes you want to come back every winter. Here you can see 7 of the best Christmas market in Europe in winter time.


1. Prague

Europe's 7 Best Christmas Markets

You can find the major Christmas markets in Prague at the Old Town Square as well as Wenceslas Square. They are both nearby each other. Tourists can try treats like hot sugar-coated trdelník pastries as well as honey wine. At the center of the market you will find a massive Christmas tree at Old Town Square which you can take loads of picture from. Furthermore, the duration of this market is from 1st December to 6th January.


2. London

Europe's 7 Best Christmas Markets

You can attend many markets in this city happing many places like Leicester Square as well as Winter Wonderland inside Hyde Park. The most famous one is Wintertime at Southbank Centre, along Thames. In this market you’ll have street food, craft beers, Christmas gifts as well as fun activities for the children.
You can visit this market each year on 9th November to 6th January the year after.


3. Florence

Europe's 7 Best Christmas Markets

The largest Christmas market in city of Florence is near the Piazza Santa Croce. Here there are German style wooden cabins selling many different treats as well as home furniture to the visitors. Also, you should be in this City from December 8th to December 21st if you want to participate in the fun.


4. Barcelona

Europe's 7 Best Christmas Markets

In front of Barcelona Cathedral, you can find the Market of Saint Lucia which is the oldest and largest Christmas market in the city. This particular market has many small stalls selling Christmas decorations as well as souvenirs. The best time to visit this market is on 16th December for Diada de les tradicions nadalencs event to enjoy concerts and many other fun activities.


5. Vienna

Europe's 7 Best Christmas Markets

The yearly Viennese Christmas Market is a good reason to visit this great city in winter time. The market normally is outside City Hall. Tourists can try delicious Austrian sausages, have some hot wine, and buy goods from the small stalls. Also you can play a game of curling in the gigantic ice rink around the market. Furthermore, the best time to attend the market is from 17th November to 26th December.


6. Copenhagen

Europe's 7 Best Christmas Markets

The Christmas market in Copenhagen resembles something from a dream. The atmosphere here is unbelievable. This market is located in Kongens Nytorv center. here you you can buy Christmas presents and home decorations at the little stalls along the way. Also, you and your children can take some photos with iconic Farther Christmas in this market. Make sure to be there around November 16th until 22 December to get most of this place.


7. Basel

Europe's 7 Best Christmas Markets

One of the most beautiful Christmas markets in Europe is in Switzerland’s Basil. You will find this market at Barfüsserplatz and Münsterplatz in the center of the city. This market has more than 180 stalls offering treats in little wooden Swiss chalets. Also, you should try local foods like läckerli gingerbread as well as fmous Swiss chocolate in there. furthermore, this market starts its operation from November 22nd and ends by December 23rd.

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