Excellent Cafes in Vienna

Excellent Cafes in Vienna

Famous Cafes in Vienna

Cafes in Vienna and old Vienna coffee houses have played an important historical role in shaping Viennese culture and were a key meeting place for writers, artists, musicians, and philosophers in the nineteenth century. In recent years, there has been a dramatic change in Vienna’s coffee world, with new and leading cafes transforming traditions. Vienna’s new and old cafes and coffee houses are both worth a visit.


Café Landtmann located in Front of Rathauspark

Excellent Cafes in Vienna - Café Landtmann is Located Right in Front of Rathauspark

The café opened in 1873 and was named after its founder, Franz Landmann. Lantman Café has been and still is one of the most famous cafes in Vienna. It is still a hangout location for many politicians, artists as well as actors. Therefore, by visiting this café, in addition to enjoying its menu, you can see the celebrities and greats of Austria and Vienna. Café Landtmann is located right in front of Rathauspark.

It is good to know that you can get some of the most unique coffee flavors in Europe that are served in Café Landtmann. From the menu of this café, you can see all kinds of unique sweets, cakes, desserts, drinks, and coffees. Furthermore, one of the best items to order here is their strudel, which you can enjoy with coffee or tea.


Café Hawelka inside Central 1st District

Excellent Cafes in Vienna - Café Hawelka Has Opened After World War

Cafe Howlka is one of the handful of cafes in Vienna that opened after the world war. It is a popular place for artists and writers same as Café Landtmann. Its wooden frame and simple decor make it much quieter and simpler than places like Café Central. Locals here often have coffee and desserts like sweet bread filled with homemade jams.


Café Central in Palais Events Veranstaltungen GmbH

Café Central is Located in The City Center - Excellent Cafes in Vienna

Perhaps one of the most famous locations amongst Vienna coffee houses is Café Central. Its location in the city center makes it very crowded, and you sometimes need to wait to get a place to sit. The Café Central opened in 1876 and was built in the late Romantic style. The interior is a combination of the architecture of old buildings with new elements. Although people line up in front of this café all hours of the day, you really should try this café on your trip. The interior design is amazing, and the cakes are incredibly delicious.


Demel near Spanish Riding School

Demel is Famous For Their Chocolate Sweets - Top Vienna Coffee Houses

If you are looking for more sweets, choose Demel, which is one of the most famous cafes in Vienna for its chocolate sweets. Also, they are very well known in Austria as well, and many locals travel from the countryside to try sweets here. The prices are slightly high; however, if you crave tasty sweets with some coffee, this is the place to go.


Mozart cafe Found inside Hotel Sacher Wien

Mozart cafe Opened in 1794 With Classical Architectural - Excellent Cafes in Vienna

One of the most famous Vienna coffee houses is Mozart Cafe. All cafes in Vienna have a long history, but none are as attractive as Mozart’s. The Mozart Café opened in 1794 and, to this day, has become one of the oldest joints in Vienna. Mozart Café is located in front of Albertinaplatz inside Hotel Sacher Wien.

This café also has a menu of traditional dishes. When you walk into Mozart Cafe, the first thing that catches your eye is the cafe’s classical architecture. The café is decorated with wooden chairs as well as marble tables.


Café Sperl near Naschmarkt

Café Sperl Has Fancy Seats And Wooden Interior Design - Top Vienna Coffee Houses

Café Sperl is another one of the other cafes in Vienna that has fancy seats and a wooden interior design. This coffee house is located near the Naschmarkt food market and a little further from the city center. Thus, it is a place that most locals go to, and it is not a very crowded place. Its location is in the artists’ area, which is a great place to walk every day of the week.


Café Museum located on Operngasse Street

Travel Guide Austria - Café Museum is A Modern Work of Art Near Karlsplatz Subway Station

The Café Museum in Vienna is a modern work of art for all the senses and has been operating since 1899. It is one of those Vienna coffee houses offering a classical setting with artifacts from the ancient past as decoration. The cups and the cutlery are just beautiful here, and the service is exemplary. The nearest public transport option here is the Karlsplatz subway station. From there, head towards Operngasse Street to see this café.


Café Schwarzenberg near Schwarzenbergplatz Station

Top Vienna Coffee Houses - Café Schwarzenberg is Located at Ringstrasse Galleries near Schwarzenbergplatz

The Café Schwarzenberg is the oldest cafes in Vienna. You can find this piece of history at Ringstrasse Galleries near Schwarzenbergplatz bus and tram stop. What makes this café a great place is its delicious desserts and a variety of hot drinks along with an extensive menu of Austrian cuisine. To experience traditional Austrian cuisine, you can order liver dumpling soup, Tafelspitz for your main course, and apple strudel as a dessert to complete the experience.


Kaffeemodul near Lederergasse Tram Stop

Travel Guide Austria - Kaffeemodul is Located Near Josefstädter Street

Kaffeemodul is the smallest cafes in Vienna. In fact, they just use a small kitchen there, and for that reason, they keep everything tidy. It is good to know that they source their coffee beans from the Nomi coffee factory. To get to this unique coffee place, head to Josefstädter Street, or if you use public transport, head to the Lederergasse tram stop. This is the place if you want to have some cheap yet delicious coffee on the go.


Café Deli Noomi for Brunch and Breakfast

Travel Guide Austria - Café Deli Noomi is Located at Waidhausenstraße tram station Near Kefergasse Street

Café Deli Noomi is one of the Vienna coffee houses that is suitable for brunch and breakfast. In Café Deli Noomi, they believe that making quality coffee is a real craft that they are good at. Since 2017, they have been serving a wide range of homemade pastries other than quality coffee to locals and travelers. To get there, get off at Waidhausenstraße tram station towards Kefergasse Street.


Cheap Vienna Coffee Houses

Most of the cheap Vienna coffee houses are generally found around The Hofburg castle and in Goldenes Quartier business quartier. These are the most famous areas that locals mostly visit, and you can find many tourists there too. Volkstheater is the best subway station to get off and explore these cafes.

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