For those who wants to find Gori tourism places in Georgia, this article is for you. The main castle on the hill is famous as Gori, which means “hill” in English.  After the eleventh century, this area became an active trading center.

Gori Fortress

Gori Tourism Places in Georgia - Gori Fortress is Located On A Rocky Hill

This historic castle is located on a rocky hill in center of Gori. Its ruins on the northern slope and archaeological findings indicate that there was a castle in the area dating back to the first century BC.


Saint Mary’s Church

Gori Tourism Places in Georgia - Saint Mary's Church is A Catholic Church Built Between 1806 And 1810

This temple as Catholic Church Built between 1806 and 1810. In 1920, the building was severely damaged due to an earthquake. In Soviet times, Gori School of Music was built inside this church. This building was delivered to Georgian Orthodox Church in 1990.


Stalin Museum

Gori Tourism Places in Georgia - Stalin Museum Was Founded in 1937 And Consists of 60000 Exhibitions

Museum of the Soviet leader Joseph Stalin was founded in 1937 and consists of 60000 exhibitions. The Stalin Museum is the most famous Gori tourism places in Georgia. It contains a memorial home where people believe Stalin was born. You can also find the exhibition building, Stalin’s personal car and more in that area. The museum also hosts Stalin’s personal belongings.



Georgia Travel Tips - Gorijvari is Located At A Height of 600 Meters is Suitable For Treatment

Church complex and local residence is located at a height of 600 meters. The bath in this area is suitable for treatment of various problems. Also, this bathing system will have a positive effect on the nervous system of the body.



Georgia Travel Tips - Uplistsikhe is A City of Carved Stones Located in Mtkvari River Bank

Uplistsikhe is a city of carved stones that lies 10 kilometers east of Gori and is located in Mtkvari river bank. One of the oldest settlements in this area is Uplistikh. The Uplistikh and the surrounding monuments and monuments belong to the area and date back to the Bronze Age.


Ateni valley

Georgia Travel Tips - Ateni valley is A Great Destination For Camping

Besides biodiversity, Ateni valley has many tourist attractions. These locations include Great Ateni, Zion Athenian Church, Athenian Fortress, St. Mary’s Church, Bisi Mineral Water and more. The Ateni valley is a great destination for camping.

Gardateni Village

Georgia Travel Tips - Gardateni Village is Located 6 KM Away From Gori

This village is located 6 km away from Gori City. In this area you can find important historical things like Castle of Vere, St. George’s Church, Church of Mary, Green Church, Tsedisi Castle as well as finding other monuments.


Ruisi Cathedral

Georgia Travel Tips - Ruisi Cathedral Was Built by The King Vakhtang Gorgasali

This cathedral age goes back to the eighth and ninth centuries, and is located about 7 kilometers Gori City. According to reliable sources, the building was built by the king Vakhtang Gorgasali. Although the original structure of the building is not as original, the style of architecture of the eighth century can still mesmerize you.

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