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Kutaisi Tourism Places



Kutaisi Tourism Places

Best of Kutaisi Tourist Attractions

Kutaisi is the capital Imereti, and it is the second largest city in Georgia after Tbilisi. Therefore, you can find many Kutaisi tourist attractions that are suitable to visit. Beautiful, tree-lined streets with 19th-century houses are available next to the Rioni River. Several attractive parks have made Kutaisi a beautiful place to stroll around and enjoy the eye-catching scenery.

In the Jewish quarter, a number of existing synagogues reflect the long history of the Georgian Jewish community. The largest synagogue in the city, built in 1866, can accommodate 500 worshipers inside. The magnificent churches of Bagrati and Gelati, both registered in UNESCO World Heritage, testify to the importance of the area.

Bagrati Cathedral located on Bagrati Street

Kutaisi Tourism Places - Bagrati Cathedral is A Cultural And Architectural Monument

Construction of this Church began in the late tenth century and ended in the early eleventh century. In fact, this Cathedral in history Georgia is of particular importance and is famous as a cultural and architectural monument.


Gelati Monastery in Motsameta Region

Kutaisi Tourism Places - Gelati Monastery is Located 11 km Away From Kutaisi

This Cathedral is located 11 km away from Kutaisi. The monastery of Gelati was built with its main building between the 12th and 17th centuries. Still, it is an important religious, cultural, and educational center of Georgia.

Moreover, this monastery complex is on the list of UNESCO World Heritage. In fact, it is popular for its magnificent mosaics and murals. King David, which is The most famous king of Georgia is buried in the yard of this monastery.

Motsameta Monastery near The Rioni River

Kutaisi Tourism Places - Motsameta Monastery Attracts Many People From All Over The World

Tourists can find Motsameta Monastery 6 km from Kutaisi. The church that exists in this area dates back to the 11th century. However, historical records show that the church in this area was built in the early eighth century. This monastery attracts many people from all over the world.


Kutaisi State Historical Museum Known as Niko Berdzenishvili

Kutaisi Tourism Places - Kutaisi State Historical Museum Was Founded in 1912

Kutaisi State Historical Museum is operating since 1912 and hosts over 20,000 different works inside. As one of the cultural Kutaisi tourist attractions, it is a great place to see local artists’ creations as well as some historical artifacts showcasing interesting local heritage.

Historic Area of Kutaisi Around The White Bridge

What to Do in Georgia For Tourists - Historic Area of Kutaisi is Located Around The White Bridge

Kutaisi historical section meaning the Royal district contains areas around the White Bridge. This area includes many Kutaisi tourist attractions and that is why you will see many locals and tourists come here to enjoy the beauty of this area. It is also a great place to take photos too.


Vani Archeological Museum with Archaeological Finds Inside

What to Do in Georgia For Tourists - Vani Archeological Museum Has Vast Majority of Archaeological Finds From Vani Area

The museum has the vast majority of archaeological finds from the Vani area inside it. In 1987, Gold Reserve was opened inside this museum containing unique pieces created by ancient Vani creators. The exhibition also depicts antiquities as well as bronze figures.


Sataplia Nature Reserve with a Magnificent View

What to Do in Georgia For Tourists - Sataplia Nature Reserve Has Traces of Preserved Dinosaurs

Sataplia Nature Reserve is one of the Kutaisi tourist attractions that captures the natural beauty of this great region. it is located 6 kilometers northwest of Kutaisi. In this area, you can find traces of preserved dinosaurs and a beautiful cave complex containing stalactites and numerous stalagmites. There is also a museum and a glass corridor overlooking breathtaking and eye-catching scenery.


Prometheus Cave in Tsqaltubo Municipality

What to Do in Georgia For Tourists - Prometheus Cave is Located Nearby Tskaltubo

Prometheus Cave is located about 40 km from Kutaisi and you can find it nearby Tskaltubo. The cave is one of the most popular destinations in the region and includes a variety of stalactites, stalagmites, waterfalls, underground rivers, and lakes. Also, each cave is different in size and scale. In this area, you can take the opportunity to take a boat tour and explore the underground lakes.


Katskhi Column Monastry in Chiatura Town

What to Do in Georgia For Tourists - Katskhi Column is Made of Natural Limestone

In Katskhi village which is located 60 kilometers from Katskhi, there are pillars made of natural limestone. These pillars are perhaps the most unique Kutaisi tourist attractions which are 40 meters tall and overlook the rivers and valleys around. Also, in this area, there is a chapel and a house of clergy. There are ways to climb this monastery but not advised for all ages.


Okatse Canyon in Zeda Gordi Village

What to Do in Georgia For Tourists - Okatse Canyon is locate 42 km From Kutaisi

Okatse Valley in Gordi village is located 42 km from Kutaisi. The canyon is about 16 km long and it is about 10 to 15 meters wide. This valley is about 50 meters deep. Along the canyon, you can find several waterfalls, one of which is 70 meters tall.

Moreover, you can travel to other parts of Georgia, for instance, the beautiful Zugdidi tourist attractions, and broaden your experience in Georgia.

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