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Top 10 Cafes in Batumi Georgia



Top 10 Cafes in Batumi Georgia

Best of Cafes in Batumi Georgia

For a better understanding coffee culture of Georgia, this article explores the top 10 cafes in Batumi Georgia, for tourists and travelers. Batumi is a popular coastal city on the west side of Georgia that attracts many tourists in summertime. The city has unique modern architecture, fantastic summer nights, and a lively dining culture. You definitely need to visit these places to grab a bite and drink some morning coffee.


1. Rhino Coffee near Central Park

Top 10 Cafes in Batumi - RHINO COFFEE is The Best Place For Cold Brew in Town

You can find Rhino Coffee in the city center near Central Park. They are relatively new in town and provide a new coffee house with a modern design to their customers. You should visit this café for their tasty pastries as well as different types of coffee brewing methods. Their cold brew is one of the best in town.


2. Retro lcoated on Zurab Gorgiladze St

Top 10 Cafes in Batumi - Retro is Famous For Offering Acharian Khachapuri

The atmosphere here is nice. However, it is mostly crowded and busy. The main dish on the menu is Adjarian Khachapuri, known as a cheese boat, and that is the star of the cafe. So, make sure to get your first experience here before trying it in another place. This shop is at 54/62 Zurab Gorgiladze Street.


3. Chocolatte Coffee-Room has Best Breakfast

Top 10 Cafes in Batumi - Chocolate Coffee Room Batumi is A Fantastic Place For Coffee

If you leave bed early in the morning, you can head to the chocolate coffee room at Batumi cafe. This fantastic place, near Europe Square, offers a great variety of coffee and breakfast choices at affordable prices. Also, the chocolate coffee room Batumi is one of the most well-known, and the staff can speak English here.


4. Dona Bakeshop & Cafe for Cakes and Sweets

Top 10 Cafes in Batumi - Dona Bakeshop & Cafe is Best Place For High Quality Cakes

The beauty of some of the cakes on display here is memorizing. Dona Bakeshop & Cafe is one of the best cafes in Batumi to get high-quality cakes and sweets to go with your coffee. Many customers order these cakes to go, but there’s a comfortable little room to sit and eat a piece of cake with some coffee or tea.


5. La Brioche in Piazza Square

La Brioche is Located in Piazza Square And Most Visited Place in Town

You can find this cafe in Piazza Square. La Brioche is one of the most visited cafes in town. There are both outdoor tables as well indoor ones to have a seat and drink your favorite drink. Also, the menu has some food choices like salads and pizzas.


6. Literaturuli Cafe

Literaturuli Cafe Has Outdoor Seats That You Can Enjoy Your Drink There

Literaturuli Cafe is one of the nicer cafes in Batumi, with outdoor seats, so you can enjoy your coffee and cakes there. They are famous for their cakes as well as their pastries here.
* Update: This shop is no longer operational.


7. Volare an Italian Cafe

Europe Coffee Guide - Volare is The Best Italian Café in Town With Superb Food Quality

This is probably the best Italian cafe in Town, with a lovely atmosphere. In addition, the food quality is superb, and they use very fresh ingredients all time. This pizza is very popular with the tourists. They have desserts as well when you crave some sweets. The staff is really helpful too. This place is the go-to cafe when you want to try some Italian food in Batumi.


8. Fanfan offers Traditional Georgian Cuisine

Europe Coffee Guide - Fanfan Has A Terrace That Opens in Summer For A Cold Drink

Fanfan is one of the nicest cafes in Batumi and offers traditional Georgian cuisine. With its unique architecture as well as its style, Fanfan attracts customers with its style and coziness. This café has two rooms and a terrace that opens in Summer where customers can sit there and enjoy a cold drink.


9. Coffeetopia at Konstantine Gamsakhurdia St

Europe Coffee Guide - Coffeetopia is Turkish Café Branch And Has A Middle-Eastern Vibe

You will find this cafe near the beautiful Europe Square. Interestingly, this café is part of a much larger Turkish cafe chain. In addition, the interior is very interesting and offers a very good coffee with a Middle Eastern vibe. The current address is 6 Konstantine Gamsakhurdia St.


10. Tangerine Cafe Located in Tangerine Hotel

Best Cafes in Batumi - Tangerine Cafe is A Good Place For Breakfast And Brunches

Tangerine is part of the Tangerine Hotel, which houses comfortable furniture for a hip atmosphere. This cafe is the best cafe in Batumi to go for a hearty meal as well as premium quality coffee and desserts. The menu in this cafe has a variety of meals and drinks. Also, you can come here for breakfast and brunches and get some desserts with your coffee.

As a tourist, while exploring these cafes, you should also keep in mind things to do in Tbilisi as a side activity. These activities are part of completing your journey in this country.

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