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Top 5 Pasta Restaurants in Rome



Top 5 Pasta Restaurants in Rome

Restaurants to Have The Best Pasta in Rome

If you are traveling to Rome you really need to aim to get the best pasta in Rome. Here are the top 5 pasta restaurants in Rome offering fresh and delicious dishes to tourists. Italy offers many varieties of pasta in each region. In city of Rome, ingredients like Pecorino Romano cheese, guanciale, tomatoes as well as eggs are the main ingredients of this dish. Here are some of the best places to get a plate of pasta at very reasonable prices with some proper Italian hospitality.



La Tavernaccia near Roma Trastevere Transit Station

Top 5 Pasta Restaurants in Rome - La Tavernaccia Offer Wood-Fired Lasagna

This family business in southern Trastevere is famous for its fantastic dining experience. Simple, home-style cooking from Rome is on the menu and the staff are really friendly as well. Also, in terms of Pasta, there are varieties such as wood-fired lasagna, amatriciana, pappardelle with wild boar. Make sure to visit La Tavernaccia for some of the best pasta in Rome money can buy. If you are at Trastevere station, head to Via Ettore Rolli road and then turn to Via Giovanni da Castel Bolognese street to find La Tavernaccia pasta restaurant there.


Felice a Testaccio near Porta San Paolo Historical Attraction

Italy Travel Tips - Felice a Testaccio Offers Cacio e Pepe And is Located At Via Mastro Giorgio

Felice Trivelloni, the owner, used to treat customer with a grumpy fashion and it’s even part of their identity. Furthermore, Felice a Testaccio is one of more locally visited pasta restaurants in Rome. Also, they have classic dishes like cacio e pepe here as well. You can find this place at Via Mastro Giorgio. The easiest way to reach this restaurant using public transport is to get off at Piramide subway statio. Then head towards Porta San Paolo onto via Marmorata. Then turn to via Galvani and then to Via Mastro Giorgio street. Along this road you will see Felice a Testaccio restaurant.


Pastificio Guerra near Spagna Subway Station

Best Pasta in Rome - Pastificio Guerra is Available At A Short Walk From Piazza di Spagna.

Pastificio Guerra is one one most famous pasta restaurants in Rome. This vintage looking pasta shop is a fantastic shop among the not so good shops of the Spanish Steps neighborhood. Try queuing here and get a generous portion of freshly cooked pasta for €4 which you can take away as well. Tourists can find this shop within a short walk from Piazza di Spagna and accessible via the station with the same name.


Roscioli Salumeria con Cucina in Regola Neighborhood

Italy Travel Tips - Roscioli Salumeria con Cucina is Famous For its Carbonara

Roscioli Salumeria is an elegant restaurant, wine bar as well as a deli serving some of the best pasta in Rome along with nice cheeses. There are 2,800 wines types to choose from here as well as some Italian cheeses. The restaurant menu offers classic Roman pastas, like the famous carbonara. Head to the Regola neighborhood, on Via dei Giubbonari street near Arenula/Cairoli tram stop to find this pasta restaurant.


Le Mani in Pasta located inside The Testaccio Market

Best Pasta in Rome - Le Mani in Pasta Provides Fresh Egg Pasta by Weight

Le Mani in Pasta serves some of the best pasta in Rome for a relatively cheap price.  You can get to this pasta shop inside the Testaccio Market. Moreover, here shoppers can get fresh egg pasta by weight here for about 5 to 7 euros. They have many fresh pasta verities and the are very generous people here. The easiest way to get to this restaurant is to stop at Mastai bus or tram station and then head toward Tiber River onto Via dei Genovesi street.

This city is also famous for its coffee. Therefore if you want to get some desserts after your food, check out the top 10 Rome cafes to get your coffee fixed in this city. these are places that serve high quality coffee and are considerably affordable as well.

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