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Top 7 Restaurants in Istanbul



Top 7 Restaurants in Istanbul

Many of Turkey’s modern restaurants can be found in Istanbul. From high quality dishes to Turkish favorites with a modern touch, these are the best restaurants in Istanbul.



1. Asitane

Top 7 Restaurants in Istanbul

This restaurants offer the traditional Ottoman palace kitchens food. Asitane brought back over 200 classical recipes since year 1991. You really need to give this unique restaurant is a try for tastes of true traditional Turkish cuisine.


2. Alancha

Top 7 Restaurants in Istanbul

Alancha is one of Istanbul’s most unique restaurants. Also, their dining room is minimal in nature and the menu has the Anatolian history touch.


3. Bebek Balıkçısı

Top 7 Restaurants in Istanbul

You will find this seafood restaurant on the Bosphorus, in Bebek neighborhood. Further, you’ll enjoy tasty grilled fish & mezes as well as local rakı drink.


4. Nicole Restaurant

Top 7 Restaurants in Istanbul

This restaurant should really get Turkey’s first Michelin star. Moreover, they deliver food with French cooking style as well as premium local ingredients. Also, you can grab a drink from their local wines. This place offers an amazing Istanbul view from the its sophisticated terrace floor.


5. Karaköy Lokantası

Top 7 Restaurants in Istanbul

Karaköy Lokantası is famous for its vintage dark blue tiles and rotating artworks in the window. Also, during the day you’ll find traditional Turkish dishes, while in the afternoon the menu transforms to seafood and a lot of rakı.


6. Borsa Restaurant

Top 7 Restaurants in Istanbul

A true Istanbul icon, here you can try everything from roasted lamb shank to stuffed vine leaves.


7. Hünkar

Top 7 Restaurants in Istanbul

Hünkar serves sophisticated poor man’s dishes in the up scale Nişantası neighborhood. Also, you can get your freshly made dishes from its cafeteria-style display.

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