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Top Attractions in Amsterdam



Top Attractions in Amsterdam

Top Attractions in Amsterdam

There are many places to visit in Amsterdam, and this article introduces us to the main top attractions in Amsterdam. Other than its beautiful canals, lush parks as well as traditional buildings, the Amsterdam has many more impressive modern architectures. Here are some of the best attractions an Amsterdam tourist can visit and enjoy.


1. Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

Places to Visit in Amsterdam - Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam is A Well Known Modern Museum

The Stedelijk is one of the most famous places to visit in Amsterdam. Also, it is one of most well known of modern museums worldwide. This museum always adds new or historically famous work to its collection and now houses more than 90 thousand pieces.


2. Dam Square

Amsterdam Tourist Attractions - Dam Square Was Built in The 13th Century

Dam Square is where you see an Amsterdam tourist will often go. This square was built in the 13th century and today this square has Amsterdam’s Royal Palace, the National Monument as well as de Nieuwe Kerk.


3. Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam

Amsterdam Tourist Attractions - Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam is One of The Oldest Gardens in The World

Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam is one of the oldest gardens worldwide. It is one of places to visit in Amsterdam if you love nature and botanical arts. This botanical garden has more than 6 thousands tropical plants. In 17th century, the garden was the major source for medicinal herbs in many doctors as well as chemists used its plants for medicine.


4. Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam

Places to Visit in Amsterdam - Van Gogh Museum Houses Biggest Collection of Van Gogh Paintings

Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam has the biggest collection of Van Gogh paintings worldwide. In fact, it is an Amsterdam tourist attraction hub where art loving people will also go. Also, it hosts exhibitions about this artist’s life. Moreover, this museum is a cultural centre and there are events happening here at night times.


5. The Canal Belt

Places to Visit in Amsterdam - The Canal Belt is The UNESCO World Heritage Site

If you want to take picture of one of the most famous Amsterdam tourist attractions then these canal belt would fit the description very well. Central Amsterdam has canal systems where UNESCO recognize them as Heritage Site. These waterways are there to enhance the city’s water flow and let the boats move better inside the city.


6. Vondelpark

Amsterdam Tourist Attractions - Vondelpark is Most Famous Park in The City

Vondelpark is the most famous park in the city. The area that this park covers is from the city’s Oud-West and Oud-Zuid area. You will find many cafés, playgrounds and an open-air theatre between the park’s large, green grass, making it perfect for long weekend relaxation.

Other than some of the mentioned places to visit in Amsterdam, tourists can also indulge in local food offerings. To do that check out 5 cheap places to eat in Amsterdam where you can get delicious local food at a very low price. Sometimes, the food might be familiar, however, the flavor is something that you cannot get anywhere else other than in the Netherlands.

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