Top Attractions in Belgrade

Top Attractions in Belgrade

Special Attractions in Belgrade

There are many amazing attractions in Belgrade that are worth your time and expense. Belgrade is one of those cities where there is no end to discovering its sights. Most tourists come to this city for its beautiful sights. But Belgrade is not limited to this one thing. Rather, it includes countless sights that are usually less famous and remains far from the sight of travelers.



Belgrade Fortress in Upper Town

The Famous Belgrade Fortress Located in Upper Town Area - Top Attractions in Belgrade 

Belgrade Fortress” or “Kalemegdan Castle” is the remains of a large fortress located on top of a hill overlooking the Danube and Sava rivers. This fort was built to defend the city against Ottoman attacks, which the enemy eventually captured. The Ottomans turned this castle into their defensive area. Today it includes one of the most loved natural attractions in Belgrade, Kalemegdan Park, where people enjoy its unique view. The Belgrade Fortress tickets are free of charge and the opening hours are 10am to 5pm everyday.



Saint Sava Temple on Vračar plateau

 Saint Sava Temple is an Orthodox Church Which Accessible Via Vračar plateau

This church is considered one of the most beautiful attractions in Belgrade, Serbia and also the largest Orthodox church in the Balkans. This building, located on the Vračar plateau, is very attractive and popular among locals and tourists. This church is considered a sign of gratitude to the greatest teacher of Serbia. It constitutes an important part of the history of this country. Learn more about the history of Belgrade and Serbia and have a great time with your companions while admiring the wonderful scenery of this attraction. The Saint Sava Temple opening hours are from 7am to 8pm daily.


The Victor (Pobednik) Statue 

Special Attractions in Belgrade - The Victor Statue Also Known as Pobednik  

This statue, built to commemorate the victory of Serbia against the Ottomans and the Austrian Empire during the Balkan Wars and the First World War, is 14 meters high and considered the city’s most well-known monument. This place is always full of foreign tourists and local residents, because it has wonderful views of the two rivers of Belgrade and the beauty of this monument as part of the historical fortress of Belgrade.


Skadarlija Street for Dining Out

 Skadarlija Street Located in The city Center is a Good Spot for Dining Out

Skadarlija was once a hangout for artists, journalists, writers and musicians to chat about the latest news and events. Still, today, this street is full of young people who want to experience the spirit of Belgrade and enjoy the legendary performances of bands ands some of the best coffee shops in Belgrade. This place has become an irreplaceable attraction due to its beautiful promenades, traditional restaurants and showing the true history of Belgrade.


Ada Ciganlija Peninsula on the Bank of Sava River

 Ada Ciganlija Peninsula is Found on the Bank of Sava River and a Good Spot for Walking

The ever-popular Ada Siganlia and Lake Belgrade offer a variety of daytime and nighttime entertainment. Ada Ciganlia has amazing cycling routes and is a great place for skating and cycling overall. In addition, there are trails for walking around the lake in nature, which is a favorite spot for many people in hot summers.

The Ada Ciganlija park hosts many sporting events throughout the year. You can also try water skiing and bungee jumping, which are exciting and challenging activities. With many daily activities, more than 100 cafes, bars and restaurants on the shore of the lake, this area has become one of the most famous attractions in Belgrade among tourists and people of Belgrade.


Republic Square in Stari Grad Zone

Republic Square in Stari Grad Zone is The place to go for Cafes and Restaurants

In this square in the city’s center, you can find the most famous public buildings such as the National Museum and the National Theater. This square is most famous for the monument of Prince Mihaijo on his horse, which was built to commemorate his achievements during the 19th century. Today, this place is a famous attraction for its beauty, cafes, bars and restaurants.


Kalemegdan Military Fortress

 Kalemegdan Military Fortress Overlooking Cafes and Night Life Areas of The city

The military fortress of Belgrade with its towers is one of the most beautiful attractions in Belgrade and Europe. This attractive and famous spot among tourists has been recorded in many photos. One of the most beautiful angles to watch the towers is accessible from the terrace bars, where in addition to enjoying these views, you can experience quiet afternoons and night life.

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