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Top Attractions in Tenerife



Top Attractions in Tenerife

Best Attractions in Tenerife

There are many attractions in Tenerife. Here, you can find the best Tenerife tourist attractions that you can visit during your holidays. This city has a variety of beaches with beautiful golden sands, amazing forests full of deciduous trees and countless pine forests. Traditions, history, local food and everything are available for enjoyment in Tenerife. Two modern international airports in the north and south connect the island to Spain and other European cities.


Siam Park A Famous and Large Water Park

Top Attractions in Tenerife - Siam Park is The Largest Largest Water Park in Tenerife

Tenerife’s largest water park is Siam Park. This Thai-style park is one of Tenerife tourist attractions that always attracts the attention of many travelers. Siam Park is the best and most exciting water park in the world, which has the largest artificial wave in the world as well.

There are three sections here which you can try; one would be for relaxation, one for all family members and the other for adrenaline seekers. The Siam Park Tenerife tickets are currently priced at $40 for one adult and $20 per child for this park. Included in these prices are life jackets, tubes, WIFI and sun beds. It is free of charge for children below 2 years old. To get here, this park provides bus pick up services which you need enquire from your hotel before booking that residency.


Aqualand Costa Adeje for A Nice Family Time

Tenerife Tourist Attractions Guide - Aqualand Costa Adeje is Located on The Costa Adeje

Aqualand Costa Adeje is another of one attractions in Tenerife and its water parks. You can find this amazing place on the Costa Adeje. Wave pool, dolphin park and children’s playground in addition to its famous exciting water slides make this park a lovely environment for hours of fun with family. The main attractions here are divided into spots suitable for kids, adults seeking adrenaline fun, family members and those who just want to relax.

The Aqualand Costa Adeje tickets are generally priced at €30 for the adults and €22 for children. This is a great deal as you can enjoy the whole day enjoying various fun activities here including both parks as well as a dolphin show.


Loro Park The Beautiful Animal Zoo

Tenerife Tourist Attractions Guide - Tenerife Zoo Also Famous As Loro Park

Loro Park or Tenerife Zoo is one of the most visited Tenerife tourist attractions in the Canary Islands. You are able to visit this place in Puerto de la Cruz area. The park was originally home to parrots and is now home to a wide range of animals, birds and plants, even whales, sea lions, tigers and various species of chimpanzees. Moreover, Loro Park has countless sights, even if your children are tired and do not accompany you, you can leave them in the children’s playground. Afterwards, you go and see the aquarium inside the zoo, and walk in the the forest area.

Most of the hotels will inform you how to catcha bus to get here but if you want to uuse the provided free train , you can head to “Plaza de los Reyes Católicos” where there are shuttles available to take you to this park.


Lago Martianez a Beautiful Seaside Water Park

What to Do in Spain - Lago Martianez is Located in The Northern Part of Island

In the northern part of Tenerife, you can find Lago Martianez. Although beautiful, it is one of less famous attractions in Tenerife. The surrounding area might not very convenient for swimming in the nearby beaches, because there are always big waves.

In the city of Puerto della Cruz, the Lago Martinez complex was built right on the Atlantic coast to create the conditions for a relaxing environment. Lago Martianez occupies an area of about 100,000 square meters of artificial island with luxurious beaches and ocean pools. Pool water is usually a little cooler than the oceans, so swimming might not be very comfortable here. There are restaurants and casinos on Lago Martianez, as well as terraces from which you can enjoy the beautiful scenery.

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