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Top Bars in Kutaisi



Top Bars in Kutaisi

Best Bars in Kutaisi

Kutaisi nightlife scene is slowly taking some pace and tourists can find more top bars in Kutaisi. As Georgia gathers more and more international expats, cities like Kutaisi are becoming more tourist friendly. Even though Kutaisi is not a small city, the dining scene is getting better. There are a wide range of cafes & restaurants that offer local cuisine as well as Other food like burgers, pizza, pasta and salads. However, the city is not famous for crazy nightlife yet but there are still a few places for you to grab a drink.


Satsnakheli Wine Bar with Live Music

Top Bars in Kutaisi - Satsnakheli Wine Bar is The Place You Can Watch Sport Matches

Satsnakheli Wine Bar is a relatively new in Kutaisi nightlife scene. This place is both an art galley and one of top bars in Kutaisi. You can either seat outside and watch sport matches or you can seat inside and enjoy the beautiful Georgian interior design here.


The Press House Lounge

Kutaisi Nightlife - The Press House Lounge Has Amazing Live Music And Bands

The Press House Lounge is really suitable for a nice Kutaisi nightlife experience with amazing live music and bands. The bar here serve very unique cocktails and you can seat and have nice and delicious here as well. The whole vibe here is very friendly and laid back.

*Update: This place is no longer open.


Cafe-Bar “Old Town” Located Under a Hotel

Georgia Travel Tips - Cafe-Bar "Old Town" is Located At 3/4 Joseb Grishashvili Street

Cafe-Bar “Old Town” is another one of top bars in Kutaisi. The location for this bar is at 3/4 Joseb Grishashvili Street offering very good food as well as reasonably priced drinks. The outdoor seats here are facing the beautiful street nearby making having a drink here a very enjoyable experience.


Hacker-Pschorr Kutaisi to Have Georgian Cusine and Wine

Kutaisi Nightlife - Hacker-Pschorr Kutaisi is A Cozy Place And Staff Speak Good English

Hacker-Pschorr Kutaisi is considered as truly one of the top bars in Kutaisi for its quality drinks and atmosphere. This bar offers one of the best food in Georgia. The place is cozy and the staff speak good English as well. This bar shows a lot of sport games played on TV. Also, the bar is good for watching sports games. They also hosts some events with people wearing customs and parading through the streets nearby.


Sapere Wine Bar a Good Place for Georgian Wine

Georgia Travel Tips - Sapere Wine Bar Offers A Peaceful And Quiet Environment

You shouldn’t leave the country without trying some of the local wines, and the best place to do so is a wine bar. Sapere offers a peaceful and quiet environment to its guests, as well as friendly staff, who are happy to answer any questions about wine selections and the menu. Moreover, the staff members speak good English, which is a bit hard to find in Kutaisi.


Hoegaarden Kutaisi A Good Place for German and Belgium Beers

Kutaisi Nightlife - Hoegaarden Kutaisi Specializes in Providing best Tasting Hoegaarden Draft

Hoegaarden Kutaisi as the name suggests specializes in providing you the best tasting Hoegaarden draft possible in town. This place is one of top bars in Kutaisi for have European brand beer and drafts. The interior of this bar restaurant is magnificent and has a calming vibe to it. Also, the staff are attentive though sometimes there are not many available to serve you immediately. Food, wines, beer and the service are all on point making this place a great location to drink.

If you want to try some quality Georgian food in this city, check out top restaurants in Kutaisi. These restaurants provide mostly local flavors, however, some of them also cater to international travelers and expats. Their prices are really reasonable compared to restaurants in other cities.


Experiencing Best of Kutaisi Nightlife

Most good clubs, to experience Kutaisi nightlife to its fullest, are located near the Colchis Fountain and Kutaisi Park and also near the Rioni River. These clubs operate until the early hours of morning and also offer good quality bar food as well.

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