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Top Bars in Kutaisi



Top Bars in Kutaisi

Even though Kutaisi is not a small city, the dining scene is getting better. There are a wide range of cafes & restaurants that offer local cuisine as well as Other food like burgers, pizza, pasta and salads. However, the city is not famous for crazy nightlife, yet there are still a few places for you to grab a drink.



Top Bars in Kutaisi

Almano is a grill, bar and bistro that offers a wide range of dishes prepared on the grill. This newly redecorated bar is even better than before and is one of the best places to have fun in the evenings in Kutaisi.



Top Bars in Kutaisi

This bar is a very creative place in the center of Kutaisi. They serve very good local and international food here. The staff here are extremely polite and service is exceptional. This is the bar you should definitely give a visit to.


Beer Bar Zedazeni

Top Bars in Kutaisi

The bar as well as the interior here is really nice. The service is acceptable and their pricing is also fair.



Top Bars in Kutaisi

This bar offers one of the best food in Georgia. The place is cozy and the staff speak good English as well. This bar shows a lot of sport games played on TV. Also, the bar is open 24/7.


Sapere Wine Bar

Top Bars in Kutaisi

You shouldn’t leave the country without trying some of the local wines, and the best place to do so is a wine bar. Sapere offers a peaceful and quiet environment for its guests, as well as friendly staff, who are happy to answer any questions about wine selections and the menu. Moreover, the staff members speak good English, which is a bit hard to find in Kutaisi.

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