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Top Bars in San Sebastian



Top 5 Bars in San Sebastian

Top Bars in San Sebastian

In Spain, drinking and having a good time is part of culture. Therefore, you can find many top bars in San Sebastian offering not only great drinks but very friendly talk and socializing. San Sebastian is famous for its fantastic restaurants, however the bar scene is also good. The coastal town offers a vibrant night life, and people get into the small bars and nightclubs to enjoy the nightlife with a drink. her are the best bars in San Sebastian, or locally known as Donostia.



Bar Nestor

Top Bars in San Sebastian - Bar Nestor San Sebastian Offers Delicious Steaks And Meat Delicacies

Bar Nestor San Sebastian is probably the most famous one of bars in San Sebastian. This place is well known for its very delicious steaks and meat delicacies throughout town. You will always find pleasant characters in and outside of Bar Nestor bar. You can get to this bar from Arrandegi Kalea street.



Travel Guide Spain - Eiger Has fairly priced Drinks And Provides Service to Relaxed Audience

The Eiger Edaritegia is one of the best places in the city at the weekend and offers a humble atmosphere and crowd. The music consists of rock and classic guitars. The bar itself is laid back and provides service to relaxed audience. Drinks are fairly priced and the selection of beverages is simple.


Ondarra 16 Bis

Travel Guide Spain - Ondarra 16 Bis is A Popular Spot Located Close to The Beach

This vibrant bar is located close to beach and its busy crowd and fantastic music have increasingly made it a popular spot. Moreover, the vibe is relaxed yet moving and the style of music changes through the night.


Le Bukowski

Top 5 Bars in San Sebastian - Le Bukowski Offers Many Shows And Plays

Le Bukowski is more than 20 years old and offers truly diverse program from different genres. Also, it has many shows and plays, offering entertainment for every taste. The bar is located outside of the old city and it’s appealing to the city’s young crowd in general.



Top 5 Bars in San Sebastian - Etxekalte is Ideal Spot For A Few Relaxed Drinks

Etxekalte is one of the best clubs and bars in the San Sebastian and is open till 5 in the morning for those wanting to party late. Also, it is ideal spot for a few relaxed drinks as well.

Aslo, Spain has some of the the best cities around the world if you love football. Spanish are die hard football fans and their football leagues are some of the best around the globe. Therefore, you can head to these pubs to see football fans as well.

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