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Top BBQ Shops in Berlin



Top BBQ Shops in Berlin

BBQ Shops in Berlin

There are many berlin restaurants offering German food, however if you feel like some US Barbeque, here are some of the top BBQ shops in Berlin you can visit. Berlin isn’t really famous to be a barbecue place. However, if you are visiting here and want to eat some smoked meat, then here are a few places to get your grub here.



Chicago Williams BBQ

BBQ Shops in Berlin - Chicago Williams BBQ is Located At Hannoversche Str 2

Chicago Williams BBQ is one of Berlin restaurant that serves real southern barbeque in Germany. This place offers awesome ribs, great sauce as well as huge portions so you will have enough to get full. this shop is not the cheapest when compared to other places in Berlin, however the overall experience is pretty good. You can find this BBQ shop at Hannoversche Str 2.



Top BBQ Shops in Berlin - Goldhorn-Beefclub Offers Excellent Food And A Selection of Wines

Goldhorn-Beefclub is one of to BBQ shops in Berlin that is in business for a long time. This restaurant is an excellent place if you want to try something new. They have a fantastic selection, including their mummy meat. The staff was excellent to explain about the food and was also very helpful in the selection of wines.


Block House Am Adenauerplatz

Germany Travel Tips - Block House Am Adenauerplatz Offers Nice Steaks

While in Berlin, you are always guaranteed a great steak in any Block House branches and this one was no exception. Block House Am Adenauerplatz is one of Berlin restaurants that offers more modified BBQ in this city. The flavor is nice but subtle here. Also, the staff are great with good knowledge about how to cook the steak.


Pignut BBQ

Berlin Restaurants - Pignut BBQ Provides Ribs, Pulled Pork As Well As Brisket.

Pignut BBQ is truly one of top BBQ shops in Berlin. The food in this shop is typically ribs, pulled pork as well as brisket. They don’t provide many options, however what they have is done perfectly and great value.


The Bird Barbecue

Berlin Restaurants - The Bird Barbecue Serves Sausages, Ribs And Brisket

The Bird Barbecue is one of those Berlin restaurants that provides very authentic southern barbeque in this city. This place serves sausages, ribs as well as brisket. Everything on the menu here is delicious and the quality of the food is really acceptable.

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