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Top Beaches in Kusadasi



Top Beaches in Kusadasi

Best Beaches in Kusadasi

Kusadasi beaches are the other top coastal attractions of Turkey that bring many tourists every year. Here, we look at top beaches in Kusadasi where you can enjoy your holidays and relax in a an amazing environment. Tourism is the main activity and source of income here. Having special and unique facilities, makes this beautiful location one of the tourism hubs in Turkey.

The beaches in Kusadasi are an important part of the sightseeing and touristic places of this great city. The main beach complex is located 40 km from the coastline of this city in the Aydin province. Some of these beaches here are different from each other in terms of the color of the beach sand, the green space of the area, and the comfort and entertainment services which you can see here.


Ladies Beach Known as Kadinlar Denizi

Top Beaches in Kusadasi - Ladies Beach Used to be Exclusively For Women

Another of the most famous and best beaches in Kusadasi is the Ladies Beach. Also, it is famous as Kadinlar Denizi in Turkish language. The name of this beach comes from the time when the this place was exclusively for women. Of course, today this beach is open to the public and attracts many visitors its palm trees, restaurants and cafes and luxury hotels. Also, the location of Ladies Beach is very close to the city center. Furthermore, there are lifeguards here as well to guarantee the safety of the passengers.


Diamond Beach Opposite Side of Nazilli Sitesi

Kusadasi Beaches Guide For Tourists - Diamond Beach is Located Opposite Side of Nazilli Sitesi And Aydin Tur

Diamond Beach, also known as the Gold Beach, is located opposite side of Nazilli Sitesi and Aydin Tur. Furthermore, Diamond Beach is one of less crowded of Kusadasi beaches with rocky hills in its surrounding area. Part of the beach is known as Siteler, which actually refers to houses that were in the area during the holidays.


Paradise Beach near Silver Sand Beach

Turkey Travel Tips - Paradise Beach Has Some Good Restaurants And Cafes Nearby

Right next to Silver Sand Beach, there is Paradise Beach, which can actually be considered a smaller version of Silver Sand Beach. A large and wide beach with clear blue and a beautiful view, which is relatively quieter than many other areas due to these facilities, and is perfect for playing on the beach and in the water.

Of course, there are stalls and bars in between so that you can easily get drinks and snacks from them, and of course, the massage service is also built in the corner where you can hire professional masseurs to relieve your tiredness. Paradise Beach provides some good restaurants and cafes are located along its coastline. Sunbathing beds and several umbrellas to sit under, as well as a small fish markets are available here in the summer days.


Kusadasi Long Beach with Aqua Center Here

Kusadasi Beaches Guide For Tourists - Kusadasi Long Beach is Near Sahil Siteleri And is18 km Long

Long Beach Kusadasi, which is 18 km long, actually has different sections for tourists. Along the way, various cafes have been built along the beach and also there are some other attractions namely Aqua Center. In fact, Aqua Center, one of the three water parks, is also located in here. This makes Long Beach one of the best beaches in Kusadasi.Also, Long Beach is located 6 km south of the city and you can reach the Sahil Siteleri by minibuses that run every 15 minutes.


Green Beach Very Close to City Center

Turkey Travel Tips - Green Beach is Located 5 Minutes Drive From The City Center

Green beach is located 5 minutes from the city center (by car). Also, you can walk for 5 minutes to reach the ladies beach from here. This small beach is surrounded by waterfall grass and there are many palm trees around it. On weekends the beach it is one of those Kusadasi beaches that full of locals and at other times it is quiet and peaceful.

For those who want to try the local food, they should head to at least one of the best restaurants in Kusadasi. Most of the cuisine here, due to proximity to the sea is seafood. However, they still have many international offerings and amazing cocktails as well.

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