Top Cafes in Helsinki

Top Cafes in Helsinki

Best Cafes in Helsinki For Coffee Enthusiasts

Part of the attractions here that every tourist should experience is the pleasure of going to awesome cafes in Helsinki. This Amazing city is the capital of Finland and one of the largest cities in this country, whose wonderful architecture and beautiful nature attract many tourists every year. Coffee houses and coffee shop culture have been making their way to Finland for years. In fact, when traveling in Finland, it is impossible not to find two or three coffee shops on every corner.


Good Life Coffee Roasters Shop Near Kallio Neighborhood

Good Life Coffee Roasters is in Kallio Neighborhood - Best Cafes in Helsinki For Coffee Enthusiasts

The slogan of this cafe is: “A no bullshit Roastery.” For this reason, this cafe and coffee shop in the Kallio neighborhood sells the best and highest quality coffees. Alongside your coffee, you can order some desserts & pastries sourced from famous local pastry shops. Customers can enjoy delicious food and drinks in this cafe in a quiet and lovely atmosphere. Good Life Cafe has a coffee brand with the same name and sells it to those interested.


Café Esplanad

Esplanad is An Elegant Coffee House Located on the Edge of España Neighborhood

As its name suggests, Café Esplanad, located on the edge of España, is a good choice when you need a moment of rest from the hustle and bustle of the city center. Like other cafes in Helsinki, everything you need is available on the menu. They include special and regular coffees, tea, food, snacks, freshly baked pastries, and cold drinks. Among the lunch options, you should try the praised salmon soup.

Because of its location, the interior of the café is classically elegant, and the price level is slightly above average. In the summertime, the cafe’s large outdoor terrace is especially popular, from which you can watch the movement of locals in North Esplanade. Café Esplanad is open every day from morning to late in the evening. You can easily get there from the main railway station, Mannerheimintie.


Café Vanille

Café Vanille is Located in A Nice Neighborhood in The Suomenlinna Island - Top Cafes in Helsinki

Cafe Vanille is in a nice neighborhood in the Suomenlinna island castle. This cafe is designed in the old European style and is all about pink and velvet colors. In this café, traditional Finnish cakes such as sweet bread are served with coffee. In addition, custom cakes that are baked for parties are also served to customers. If you visit Somenlina, visit Vanilla Cafe and taste beautifully made cakes there.


Cafe Regatta

Regatta Coffee House is Located on the Shore of Taivallahti Bordering Töölö, Merikannontie 10

Cafe Regatta, located on the shore of Taivallahti bordering Töölö, is a real classic of cafes in Helsinki. It is located right on the shoreline in a log cabin that has been standing in the same place since the end of the 19th century. The cabin itself is small, but there are seats available for customers on the terrace in front of it. Moreover, Cafe Regatta is at Merikannontie 10. The easiest way to get there from the center of the city is by city bike or getting off at Apollonkatu tram station.


Ekberg 1852

Best Cafes in Helsinki For Coffee Enthusiasts - Ekberg 1852 Opened in 1852 And is Famous for its Bakery

Ekberg Cafe was opened in 1852, and since then, it has still maintained its beauty and originality. This cafe, which is one of the most famous cafes in Helsinki, has a bakery, confectionary, and catering service. Known as one of the city’s most stylish and traditional coffee houses, Ekberg Cafe serves seasonal cakes and desserts for special occasions. This café is among the best places to have Finnish food and coffee.


Ravintola Strindberg

Ravintola Strindberg Has a Stylish Building And Located in The Center of the City

This stylish building located in the center of Helsinki houses not only a beautiful coffee house but also a restaurant with a fantastic view of this city center and a book café. The kitchen of this café serves both Nordic and international dishes. Due to the very good location of this building, Strindberg Cafe is an ideal place to relax and spend relaxing hours and drink special coffees.


Cafe Silo

Silo is Found in The Suomenlinna Island with Great Atmosphere And Delicious Coffee

Suomenlinna is also worth visiting in autumn and winter time. For the view and feel of the island, Silo is one of the best cafes in Helsinki that you should definitely visit. The atmosphere of an old wooden house and delicious dishes make this café unique, making this coffee place an unforgettable location.

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