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Top Cheap Restaurants in Prague



Top Cheap Restaurants in Prague

Top Cheap Restaurants in Prague

Eating out in the Czech capital has recently become much more exciting. The availability of top cheap restaurants in Prague is growing as a result too. The number of quality, affordable restaurants has sky-rocketed, and there are plenty of eateries with an emphasis on locally sourced, organic ingredients. Here are some of the best places to eat in the city if you’re after great food at wallet-friendly prices.




Top Cheap Restaurants in Prague - Mr.HotDoG A Great Little Joint With Reasonable Prices

Mr.HotDoG is a great little joint great dogs burgers and fries very reasonable prices. Also, you can find this hot dog joint near a tram stop. Moreover, they have great young servers who speak very good English.


Norbert’s donuts

Top Cheap Restaurants in Prague - Norbert's Donuts Famous For Vanilla Doughnut

This is the best donut you can ever have in your life. There are several variations of toppings on the menu that are frequently changing. However, their famous vanilla donut is light as air and absolutely delicious.


Nase maso

Top Cheap Restaurants in Prague - Nase maso Famous For Burgers And Cold Cuts

When you get to order the burgers from this restaurant, you will be impressed by their quality. Their cold cuts are great and so are their sausages. However, their dry aged cheese burger is what most customers are going to buy from here.


Johnny Pizza

What To Do in Czech Republic - Johnny Pizza Has Fresh Pizza With Many Toppings

This might be the best fresh pizza you get to taste in the city. The good part about this location is that they have lovely staff here. Also, there are a lot of  toppings to choose from. Moreover, it is a non-tourist place where the locals go to get their pizzas to take away or just to eat quickly a slice of pizza there.


Sad Man’s Tongue Bar & Bistro

What To Do in Czech Republic - Sad Man's Tongue Bar & Bistro A good Bar With Great Burger And Music

The food in this bar is what you expect. It is properly cooked with love and you can also enjoy the good live music here as well. The staff are very nice and the crowd are generally good people. Also, the star of the menu here is their burger. Moreover, they don’t accept cards for payment but the ATM machine is very close to the bar.

If you are not concerned with the prices of food here, you can try other best foods to eat in Prague in higher quality restaurants. These are the food options that you might be able to find even at lower costs. However, if you are visiting Prague for only once, it is worth going to more famous restaurants to enjoy these local eats.

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