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Top Seafood Restaurants in Paris



Top Seafood Restaurants in Paris

Top Seafood Restaurants in Paris

The number of seafood restaurants in Paris is not small. Paris is a few hours from the sea, but this does not mean that you can not access the seafood during your trip to the city of Paris. Whether you crave poached oyster or crabs dipped in a variety of appetizing sauces, you can try these dishes in Parisian seafood restaurants.



Guy Savoy

Guy Savoy Comes With Creative Seafood in Paris - Top Seafood Restaurants in Paris

Restaurant Guy Savoy is one of the best restaurants in the world. Famous dishes of this luxury Parisian restaurant include blue lobster in the “Land and Sea” menu. Of course, the most creative dish of this restaurant is iced poached oyster.


Máncora Cebicheria

Top Seafood Restaurants in Paris - Máncora Cebicheria is Inspired by The Coastal Máncora District

The cuisine of Máncora Cebicheria Restaurant is inspired by the coastal Máncora District in northern Peru. To prepare this dish, fresh fish is chopped and soaked in a special sauce. The restaurant also prepares a variety of traditional Peruvian dishes such as octopus with Peruvian olives, AntiKuchu and Causa, creating an interesting mix for its customers.


Les Pinces

Les Pinces is Located in The Le Marais Neighborhood - Top Seafood Restaurants in Paris

Les Pinces Restaurant, one of the top seafood restaurants in Paris in the Le Marais neighborhood. This place believes that you can get good quality seafood at a reasonable price. Also, you can order fresh lobster in this restaurant with home-fried potatoes, which come with various sauces. Of course, in addition to seafood, you can also order other meat based dishes.


La Nouvelle Seine

France Travel Guide - La Nouvelle Seine Overlooks The Unique Architecture of Notre Dame Cathedral

La Nouvelle Seine Restaurant, which overlooks the unique architecture of Notre Dame Cathedral, lis one of best seafood restaurants in Paris. In addition to the delicious seafood of this restaurant, you can also enjoy its theatrical performances, which include various genres, like humor and so on. Also, Greek salad with squid is worth a try at this restaurant.


Gaspard de la Nuit

Gaspard de la Nuit Menu Changes Almost Every 2 Months - France Travel Guide

If you have a craving for aristocratic seafood in Paris, check out the Gaspard de la Nuit Restaurant, where cooking skills of its chefs are unparalleled. Their most famous seafood dish which comes with beef broth. The menu of this restaurant changes almost every 2 months and they offer only one appetizer and main course as daily food so that they can offer it to their customers with the highest possible quality.

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