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Best Souvenirs to Get in Oman



Best Souvenirs to Get in Oman

Best Souvenirs to Get in Oman

In Middle East, tourists bring something home for their loved ones from this region. In this article, we focus on the best Souvenirs to get in Oman. This country offers many unique things and you can find everything from pottery to clothing as well as jewelry, most of which are handmade. These goods show the rich customs and culture of this country. Due to the traditional nature of Omanis, Oman is a good option for souvenirs and cultural travel.

Also, you should try the most delicious foods in Oman if you are fan of Middle Eastern cuisine. They have very unique flavors and tastes that you cannot find any any other Arab country in the region. Moreover, their prices are very cheap and budget friendly as well.


Wooden Chest (Mandoos)

Best Souvenirs to Get in Oman - Wooden Chest (Mandoos) A Beautiful Wooden Box to Store Food, Clothes And Jewelry

Wood products in Oman are famous for their high quality and local artists can easily shape them into different handicraft. The people of Oman use this wood to make doors and windows. However, the most famous Omani wooden handicraft is the “Mandoos”. It is a beautifully decorated box that is made in different dimensions and used to store food, clothes and jewelry.



Best Souvenirs to Get in Oman - Jewelry Were Made Out of Silver For Women in The Past

In the past, most women’s jewelry were made of silver. However, to this day, you can still buy a variety of jewelry in the same way. From necklaces and rings to earrings, bracelets and necklaces. The local silversmiths use high quality silver in the manufacturing of all of these items and they are considered as valuable souvenirs in Oman.


Omani frankincense

Best Souvenirs to Get in Oman - Omani frankincense is A Resin That Emits A Special Fragrance

Frankincense resembles a beige or yellow resin that, when burned, emits a special fragrance. In fact, frankincense was a valuable gift in Oman, an offering to kings and royal families. People believe that burning frankincense was an air purifier and also helps to cure some minor diseases. For this reason, it has its enthusiasts everywhere and they export it to other countries as well.


Traditional Clothes

Best Souvenirs to Get in Oman - Traditional Clothes Wear in The Special Ceremonies And Weddings

Oman’s traditional clothes have their own design, size and shape. Omani men, for example, wear long colored or white clothes that cover their entire body. In formal occasions, it also comes with a special hat, and as well as a dagger strapped around their waist. In addition to wearing beautiful long dresses, women also cover their hair with a scarf and their face with a traditional mask. Traditional clothing of any country is one of the most interesting souvenirs you can bring home.


Silver Crafts

Best Souvenirs to Get in Oman - Silver Crafts Have Extraordinary Quality in the Region

Oman silver is very famous among the Arab countries due to its extraordinary quality. In addition, local artists use sliver to make jewelry and daggers (khanjar). Also, silver is used to make handicrafts such as perfume holders, small jewelry boxes, coffee pots, frankincense burners, and other unique accessories. The decoration of these items is usually inspired by Islamic model designs, Omani carvings as well as some Arabic calligraphy.


Omani clay pots

Middle East Travel Guide - Omani clay pots Where Bahla is The Best Place To Get Highest Qualities

The use of pottery in Oman comes in many shapes and uses. Also, it is used to store dates, beans, water and even Omani frankincense. Traditional pottery is usually comes in beige or light brown. However, you can also find colorful pottery among the newer designs in the local markets. Moreover, you can find all these pottery handicrafts all over Oman, but the city of Bahla is the place to get the highest quality.


Omani handicrafts

Middle East Travel Guide - Omani handicrafts Includes Weaving Palm Handicrafts

Oman is a land of mountains and palm trees. Palm trees usually grow around roads or hotels, and all people have palm trees in their homes. In ancient times, people used its dates and collected its dried leaves (al Zawr) to make handicrafts such as baskets. In fact, weaving palm handicrafts are among the most popular Omani souvenirs. Locals use these baskets to store dates and cereals.



Middle East Travel Guide - Khanjar is The Symbol Of The Local Culture of The Country

Khanjar (Omani dagger) is a unique symbol of the special culture of Oman and it is even there in the country’s flag. Omani men usually wear this Khanjar around their waists during important events such as formal meetings and national festivals or even at weddings. The Omani dagger is made of silver, but sometimes ivory is used to make its handle.

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